Zev Porat

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


(Maricopa County, AZ) The Alberta, Canada man who has been repeatedly
arrested after making eight death threats against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe
Arpaio and his family, finally received a sentence in a Canadian court this week
that barely amounts to "a slap on the wrist" according to Arpaio.
Lionel Makokis was sentenced to a mere 18 months of probation to include six (6)
months house arrest and he is also prohibited from owning a firearm for the next
10 years.
"This man fits every profile we have ever seen of a domestic terrorist waiting to
unleash his insanity on innocent lives and yet all the Canadian courts do with him
is sentence him to house arrest?" Arpaio says. "At the very least, Makokis requires
long-term psychological care in a mental hospital, not a six-month house arrest in
front of a computer or TV screen watching crime dramas or news events which
may fuel his imagination."
Arpaio points to the most recent email from Makokis as perhaps the most alarming
so far.
In it, Makokis said his plans to murder the Sheriff would be part of an act that
would be "something worse than Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Al
Queda and ISIS put together."
Arpaio says, "In the email to my office, Makokis names a number of mass killings
that have occurred at the hands of domestic and international terrorists. So clearly,
he is aware of the horror of those acts and is now threatening to do something of a
similar nature."

Makokis, who is 19 years old, started threatening the Sheriff over the Internet in
July 2013, sending a string of emails. The first said he would murder Arpaio, his
family, then bomb his home.
A second threat came in October 2013 where Makokis said he would come to
America and open fire on Arpaio and his wife in the community of Fountain Hills
where they live. Another threat in November 2013 said he planned to kill Arpaio
with a Glock handgun.
The fourth threat was a few months later where the teen threatened to "turn Arpaio
into a woman" by cutting off his testicles.
The fifth threat in March of this year said he was going to blow Arpaio's head off
and blow up the Sheriff's headquarters.
One month later he claimed to have hired a hit man to kill the Sheriff "execution
Weeks later another threat was sent saying he would stab the Sheriff to death and
then decapitate him.
Arpaio says he was shocked by the notification he received from the Canadian
Courts yesterday which said, Makokis is only "a nuisance and not something to be
worried about."
Arpaio says, "The Canadian authorities may not be concerned, but I certainly am.
My fear is we will see this man splashed all over the news someday for committing
a horrible act either here or in Canada and there will be deep regret that more was
not done to avert his misdeeds." END

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