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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins

Muslims want open borders so they can come here, form communities and take over America in the next few generations. 

Drug traffickers want open borders for the free flow of drugs and drug pushers.

Those from poor countries want open borders so they can come here a live the good life at our expense. 

Democrats want open borders because most illegal's will vote democrat in order to get free money and free services.

Obama wants the borders open for Muslims because he supports the Islamic take-over of America. The Founding Fathers had good reason to exclude foreigners from the Office of President; a mandate we ignored at our peril. 

Many Congressional Republicans want open borders so illegal's fill low paying jobs and because building a fence is too much work for their lazy carcases.  Of course, not all Republicans want open borders but enough of them do to combine with Democrats to make protecting our borders impossible at this time.

If we are not going to close the borders, at least deal with first things first.  Congress should pass law and enforce proof of citizenship in order to vote in the 2016 Presidential election.  They will not do it and when the Republican candidate loses to the Democrat candidate, it will be learned that Republicans lost due to the multiple votes of living Democrats, illegal's and dead people.  It will be too late. 

Democrats are too evil to be entrusted with the future of America. Many Republicans are too stupid.  The lesser of the two terrible choices are Republicans.  Not all Congressional Republicans are stupid, but enough of them are to make winning the Office of the President of the United States next to impossible.  While Republican hopefuls fight it out on stage to see which one will run and lose the election, Democrats laugh as thousands upon thousands of illegal democrat votes walk into our country to stay and Democrats form their plans to record the many multiple votes of individual Democrats and dead people as they can.  

What do the Republicans in Congress do about the two things that will cost them the Presidency (open borders and rigged elections)?  Not only do they allow it open borders but half the Republicans in Congress want open boarders and there is too few Republicans to stop it.  Denial is a luxury we cannot afford, but no one is doing anything about illegal voting now. When the times comes for voting nothing will be in place to force honesty.  The vast majority of Democrats are extremely dishonest. With 47% on government assistance, 20% too stupid to vote, 10% of the vote double votes from democrats, 2% of the vote from dead people voting democrat and millions of illegal's voting democrat, and 50% of Republicans not registered to vote, tell me, what difference does it make who wins the Republican nomination?

The sad truth is that Democrats are more devious than Republicans are wise. And, Democrats are more motivated to accomplish evil than Republicans are motivated to do right.  

I liken the Democrats to the men who ran ahead of women and children to fill the lifeboats of the Titanic and Republicans to those who played musical instruments as the ship was sinking.   The first group were active and evil. The second group could not think of anything constructive to do, so they did whatever felt good even though they knew it was pointless or nearly pointless.  The difference is the Titanic was sinking and those that played music really could not do anything to save the ship. However, the Republicans in Congress can do a lot of things to save our Country or, at least, try, and the majority of them will not.  

My hat is off to the musicians who played music as their ship sank.

My fist is in the face of Congressional Republicans who do nothing of significance while America is heading for a death-causing ice burg.

Baring a miracle from God the illegal's in our country will produce offspring that will continue to live on government hand outs until the economy collapses.  A destroyed economy is fertile ground for the planned Islamic takeover of America.  Our open borders to the poverty stricken and Muslims are the two seeds of our demise orchestrated by Democrats and unchallenged in any real way by Congressional Republicans. 

Again, without a supernatural intervention from God, goodbye America and hello to the Islamic States of Uhmereka.  It is probably too  late for our grand kids and great grandchildren because of the coming population springing from today's illegal's and Muslims.  Unless voting reform is put in place so that illegal's cannot vote, Democrats cannot record multi-votes of living Democrats and the votes of dead people in the 2016 Presidential election, it is  probably too late for us all. 

I am I being pessimistic or fatalistic?  I hope so.  I fear I am being realistic.  Can't you hear the Democrats laughing at us?

Anyway, I am doing what I can on my knees and face before God and in my little corner of the world to help save America.  I do not know what else I can do. I guess I will go play some music on my piano now while America sinks. 

Is America done for?  Almost.  It will take a miracle to save her. I believe in God, so I believe in miracles.  It will  be a miracle if Congress passes and enforces voting regulations that keeps democrats from stealing another presidential election.  We shall see. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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