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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins

Our Founding Fathers were realists. They knew that no government and no country lasts forever. They knew history. They knew world powers tend to rot from the inside out and implode.  They warned future generations of that regarding our Country.  In this age of information it is easy to find quotes from our Founding Fathers about their fears of their New America floundering and falling in generations to come. I will not take space here to reprint those quotes.
Logic dictates that no world power will last forever.   World powers and/or world empires are defined in different ways such as gross national product (financial wealth), land mass controlled, total number of people under one authority or entity, the ability to control sea travel, the power of their standing military force and/or the use of a nations military force. Under each of these categories are a successions of nations and world powers.
America, although fading fast, is at the top of the list of financial wealth, the power of the standing military and the ability to control the seas.  However, like the many nations that are under us, some day we can expect not to be at the top.  By arrogance, ignorance, complacency and stupidity world powers of the past have forfeited their first place position.  We are following that same path, squandering on the alter of political correctness, the sacrifices of those who paid the price of our freedom and greatness.
I have but one question. Will you let it go down in history that you allowed America fall during your watch and did so without a fight?
If not, here is what you have to do. 
First, identify the enemy.  The enemy is Islam and all who profess and promote it.  Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political system that incorporates religious words as a cover for their desire to abolish all other political systems, including the American political system. 

The word "political" means "the method by which public affairs are governed."

"Polis" is the greek word for "city."  The suffix (ics) traces back to a meaning of "relating to" such as in mathematics are things that "relate" to math. Thus, politics are the things that "relate to cities."  From "cities" we get the word "citizen."  Thus, politics are "the things that relate to citizens."  Islam is a complete life-consuming system of politics (things that that relate to citizens; YOU).  Islam covers how you spend your money, how you spend your time, where and when you will pray, to whom you will pray, how you will participate directly and/or indirectly with the torture and/or death of non-Muslims, the genital mutilation of girls, under what conditions a man may legally beat and/or kill his wife and much more.

Again, the first thing to do is to identify your enemy. Doing that is not hard. Look for the person or group that is trying to kill you.

Second, declare war on those that are trying to kill you because if only one side is fighting the war, the other side always loses. 

Are you at war with Islam and Islamics?  If not, you lose.  They are at war with you.


How much more clear can they make it for us?
Will you let the last free days of America occur on your watch or will you fight to pass on to your children and grandchildren the freedoms you inherited at the expense of those before you?  Decide NOW.  It is almost too late.

Now, France is beginning to understand See http://www.jewsnews.co.il/2015/11/16/french-mayor-we-must-abolish-and-throw-out-the-muslim-faith-in-france/ .   Do you understand?
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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