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Friday, November 6, 2015


by Rev. Joda Collins 
Democrats are insane 

and that is why it is hard for sane people to understand their logic and their way of doing things. However, it is important to understand how Democrats think because we are surrounded by those lunatics. 
I will take a page out of my life that explains how Democrats think and why they act the way they do.
I was once in a church that had serious problems caused by the pastor because he was not good at working with people.  I was employed to be (among other duties) the liaison between the pastor and the church members and  business people in the community.  My first task was to resolve all of the current problems.   I did.
My second task was to work with church members and community business people in a way that created success and harmony. I did. 
However, the pastor was unhappy with me because, in his words, I "did not do things the way he did them."  He was negative towards me even though my way of doing things were productive and not destructive like his ways, and my ways brought peace to the church rather than the turmoil his ways created.  When I asked him how he wanted me to do things differently, he had no response.
This is the Democrat mindset.  Live in kind of dazed state.  Have no logical way or good way of doing things.   Constantly irritate others and then blame them for being upset.  Keep unyielding pressure on others and then criticize them for mistakes made under constant pressure.  Cause failure and accuse others for those failures.  Do things the wrong way and expect right results.  Do things the bad way and expect good results.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a better health-care system.  However, Obamacare is the wrong way to do it.  It is creating unnecessary problems in our economy.  It is a system of inadequate care/treatment at excessive (unsustainable) expense. 
There is nothing wrong with wanting a better economy, but printing and spending more money is not the way to resolve economic issues. That policy has led to inflation, a 17-trillion dollar national debt that will soon be 20-trillion due to the long-term Obama spending spree.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a safer society, but disarming law-abiding citizens is the wrong way to do it.  That policy only makes criminals more powerful than law-abiding citizens, thus society becomes more dangerous.
There is nothing wrong with wanting a safer world, but training and arming our enemies is the wrong way to do it.  That policy is leading to World War Three and the weakening of America at home and around the world.
There is nothing wrong with most immigrants, but immigration via open boarders is the wrong way to do it.  That policy is leading to financial ruin and the Islamic takeover of our society.
There is nothing wrong with wanting children to eat better at lunch time, but mandating that kids eat slop is not the right way of reaching that goal.  Feeding slop to our children only creates a waste of slop (that could have been and should have been fed to pigs not hungry children).  People, including children, are not prone to eat slop.
There is nothing wrong with trying to be fair to everyone, but mandating that naked teenage girls shower with naked mentally-disturbed teenage boys is not the way to bring fairness. That is just sexual perversion mandated by a pervert. 
Democrats want things better (they say), but everything they do makes things worse. 
There needs to be better-thinking people in the problem-solving process. Democrats are not good at it. 
The difficulty comes when the Democrat in the Oval Office is unable to let better-minded people resolve the problems. So, what does he do?  He resorts to bullying by executive order and forcing his will on others by getting a majority vote of other bullies. 
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Democrats are school-yard bullies.  And, (just to be clear and honest) they do not really want things better; they just want to be in better-control of everything and everybody.  Every issue and every person exists for them, towards that end alone.  These things said, just fill in the blanks.  Whether the entity is business, church, school, home or the government, bullies are all the same.  For them, it is all about intimidation and control (your submission).
The best thing that we can do to rid ourselves of bullies is to confront them, expose them, hold them 100% accountable for their actions, refuse to submit, defend ourselves, attack them back, and get rid of them.  Bullies are cowards at heart.  There are two other options.  We can simply avoid them, let them have free reign and submit to them when they target us or, when the bully and his minions are in unwavering control, we can leave.  I left that church, but I am not leaving my country!   The USA might still be saved.  The first amendment and the voting booth are our best defense and offense against government bullies.  What are you saying against them?  Will you vote?
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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  1. Were not going to get good health care as long as insurance companies are running the show. The high cost is caused by the insurance companies and lawyers. Everywhere you look insurance has its dirty hands in it. Greed and witchcraft is the problem .Witchcraft? yes indeed! (control) doctors pay ungodly amounts for insurance. Everywhere in the industry somebody is paying the insurance company. There is a better way. The price of medicine again insurance companies are in the way. Do away with the insurance companies. Remember no fault back in the 70's? look where its brought us. Every young person pays at least 100.00 a month in insurance. that's 1200.00 or more a year. insurance isn't a necessary evil. its just evil and the government gave it the power to rape us all. just like the federal reserve and the IRS it a fraud played on us all. You want to get rid of the weeds you have to pull them up by the root.