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Friday, December 18, 2015


This article is a combination of statements made in a December 5th, 2015  Hannity/Gingrich interview and my expounding on those comments.  I take some liberties; however, if you watch the interview, I think you will agree I am well within bounds.  I have not taken the time or invested the energy to distinguish between my words and/or the words of Hannity or Gingrich. There is no attempt to plagiarize nor to attribute to Hannity and/or Gingrich anything they did not state.
Those charged with protecting America say we have no idea who the immigrants we are letting into America are.  Homeland security cannot determine the non-terror status of those coming in.  In addition, there are 72 individuals who work for Homeland Security (at the pleasure of the President) who are on the Muslim Terrorist Watch list!   To what extend those individuals are inviting, aiding and abetting terrorists is unknown.

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As evidence that
ISIS is here, largely as a result of the Obama open door (open-border) policy, at this present time there are over 1,000 ISIS related crimes being investigated in the USA including the attack in San Bernardino. In the last 20 months, seventy-one people have been charged with ISIS related crimes committed in the USA. 
These are acts of war against America designed to destroy our way of life and confiscate our country for the pervert-Muslim god Allah, which is nothing more than a religious front (cover/vehicle) for political-Islam. These are more and/or other than acts of workplace violence by disgruntled employees as Obama would have us believe.  This is homeland jihad (Muslim-Islamic initiated blood-based war on America).  These are acts of war just as much as the 911 attack on the World Trade Centers. 
Obama represents the greatest national security treat to America because he is the single most powerful individual in the USA due to his position and he is using his position to undermine the welfare of the USA.  He is either mentally-deranged and cannot see the danger posed by *Muslim supremacist, and/or ideologically skewed and will not admit that danger.  I think he is both.  He is a mentally-deranged Muslim supremacist.  Added to that I think he is directed by demonic forces determined to bring down America because we are the greatest Christian influence in the world.
What ever the reason for his world-view that places more importance on protecting and placating to Muslims than protecting and serving America, Obama has always been and continues to be an extreme threat to the safety and stability of America. We are seeing continual and mounting evidence of that day by day.   Obama is either incapable of recognizing or refuses to admit the Muslim supremacy threat.  I think the latter.  A nation is in the greatest danger when it does not know who the enemy is. Our President wants us unaware, or at least, confused.
Obama lives in a world surround by secret service. He is personally safe, but the rest of America is not.  Obviously, he does not care.  More to the point, this is part of his fundamental-change he promised America.  The Democrat Party cannot and will not protect America.  Americans have every right to be frightened. We are in danger.  I find it very interesting that the main stream media has stopped using the word Islamophobia.  Islamophobia is no longer a politically-correct turn because everyone now knows Islam wants us dead.  Islamophobia is an accurate word that reflects sanity. 

* A Muslim-supremacists is a Muslim who takes seriously the dictates of the Koran that demands that every person become a Muslim or face excessive taxation, torture or death.
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I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.

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