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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Men are better than women in America because it takes a man to be "Woman of the Year."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yGVtmbHn9c.

Men are better than women in the Islam.  Women are second class citizens (Koran 2:228), women are less intelligent than men (Bukhari 6:301), 
a woman is worth half the value of man (Koran 2:282), husbands can beat their wives (Koran 4:25-34), a man is unclean and cannot pray immediately after touching a woman (Koran 4:43, 5:6).

Of course, I am joking about Bruce being woman of the year as evidence that men are better than women in America.  Bruce being woman of the year is meaningless beyond being ridiculous and evidence of perverts.

However, the second class status of women in Islam is no joking matter.  The fact that a man can legally beat his wife is no joke.  The home and social degradation of women is well-document in Islam.  Muslim women are treated in a way that would bring outrage if we legalized treating women that way in America.   It is the height of arrogance and stupidity to think that America can adopt, promote, justify and/or tolerate the politics of Islam without seeing and experiencing the degradation of women in our society.

Still, it is easier to be ill-informed than informed. Ignorance is bliss and denial of reality is comforting for awhile.

Ask any Christian if women and men are equals. You will get an overwhelming "yes" with an abundance of biblical support. Ask any Muslim if women and men are equals and you will get an overwhelming "no" with an abundance of quotes from authoritative Islamic literature.

Obama and the whole of the Democrat Party is insane for embracing Islam. They are insane because they are under the control of demonic forces that has led and is leading them to do countless godless things.   Islam is a demonic force. Only those not overwhelmed by demonic forces and those who embrace Satan know it.

Americans are often so shocked by the radical nature of Islam that they cannot believe what they read in Islamic literature.  Believe it!  You better get over your shock before Islamic law puts women in their (Islamic) place.  A woman's place is in the home as a second class citizen, under threat of beatings for displeasing her husband, as one of many wives and a second class citizen of society.  No one who knows Islam (honestly) denies these facts.

Are men better, more valuable and cleaner than women?  According to Jesus Christ and Christianity the answer is no.  According to Islam and Mohammad the answer is yes.  This is easy for anyone with a computer and access to Islamic writings to prove.  Why would a woman want to promote Islam?  She would either have to be insane, under social-pressure (threat of death) or demonically-overpowered.  The former is often caused by the latter and the latter often leads to the former.

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.
(Bukhari is a writing in Islam with equal authority among all Muslims to the Koran.) 

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