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Friday, December 11, 2015

UNIVERSE SHATTERING? NOW you are beginning to find out!


1. A CIA contract worker (Dennis Montgomery) who previously tried to be a whistle blower 18 times - came to Arpaio with shocking allegations of US gov't spying upon US citizens with super-intense and top secret data harvesting software that he had helped to build and operate. (Remember the SNOWDEN case with the NSA?)

2. Montgomery eventually supplied Arpaio with 600 million records of information (That's right! More than half a billion records!) on people that had been allegedly harvested by the US Gov't, including the breaching of banks, financial institutions, very personal information, and on extremely important people around the USA, and much more.
3. Montgomery also alleged that Arpaio's personal conversations with his attorney had been spied upon and compromised - a serious violation of Federal law. All of this was occurring while Arpaio was investigating the birth certificate fraud. Why would the government care about Arpaio's BC investigation if there was "nothing to it?"

4. We also discover that many of Montgomery's supplied records have been put "under seal" by the court.
5. In regards to that information - Zullo testifies that some of Montgomery's alleged information is so damaging (deep and dark) that Zullo exclaims in testimony under oath, "I hope to God it is not true!"
6. We learn that the BC investigation is serious and still under way (Arpaio testifies to this).

7. We see from the transcripts what appears to most people to be a clear attempt on the part of Judge Snow to violate Zullo's civil rights in this case - Zullo now has a case before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to determine the outcome of those allegations.

8. Dennis Montgomery was granted "product immunity" by the FBI for this court case - and now is using the attorney Larry Klayman for possible further negotiations.
9. Zullo took Montgomery's info before a Federal Judge in Washington D.C. to get direction on how to proceed with the investigation and Zullo also discovered the original inventors of the software that the Gov't supposedly uses to hack into personal records all over the nation.

10. We also learn that there is still much more to come and much more to be revealed ...

DEEP and DARK? Yes! And the above only scratches the surface! NOW do you see why Zullo, some months back, said he couldn't share anything else until he could jump some legal hurdles - and that this investigation would take awhile?  
Do you now see why Zullo said it might be awhile before he and Arpaio could bring it to the public? In the meantime, Judge Snow decided he would turn the Melendrez case into a "witch hunt." 
Bad news - the witch hunt apparently backfired and now much of what Zullo and Arpaio (although, not all) is now in official court record and testified to under oath! NOW...other VIPS are finally taking a serious look at how UNIVERSE SHATTERING this stuff really is. 
And remember - there is still a TON of stuff to be revealed! TONS!

Stay tuned to PNN to keep on top of ALL the latest information as it unfolds!

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