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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Do Muslims Kill Muslims?

Flooding across the borders of American and much of the rest of the free world are Syrian refugees.  The majority of them are Muslim.  A small percentage are Christians. Regarding America, the anti-Christ Obama administration is working hard to keep as few Christians from entering in the Syrian invasion as possible.  Obama's goal is the Islamization of America and Christians are not beneficial towards that end.

Coming across our borders are Muslims who want to destroy America. I am not talking about ISIS members only. I am referencing the Muslims who want ISIS members and the ISIS movement dead.  To get a better idea of this, view this three minute video:


ISIS is a strictly political movement.  They want absolute control of Syria and Iraq now and from that position of strength they will launch a military movement to conquer the world.  That is why Obama supports them and why Obama cannot (will not), as Commander and Chief of the most powerful military on earth, find a way to conquer ISIS or even slow them down.  That is why ISIS is being funded by the American tax-dollar. 

All people (including other Muslims) that do not and will not support their political goal of land conquest is their enemy, even if they are Muslim.  There are Muslims who do not want to be associated with ISIS because they do not want to live under the control of ISIS leadership and/or do not want to be identified with the extreme barbaric methods of ISIS.  There are infidel Muslims who, like some Christians in the Christian faith, are only devoted to their faith in word and habit. They act like Muslims because that is their culture, but they are not serious about the political and/or religious dictates of Islam that take them out of their day-to-day comfort zone. 

Professing Christians who do not follow Christ are considered "non-Christians" by Christians; we consider them "lost" (unbelievers) and going to hell if they die in that lost state.  However, we do not what them to go to hell.  Professing Muslims who do not follow the political agenda of ISIS are considered by ISIS Muslims to be infidels (unbelievers) who deserve to die today.

Here are the important parts. There are three kinds of Muslims flooding into the free world from Syria right now and every day.

1.  ISIS members who are pretending they are fleeing from ISIS.
2.  Muslims who agree with ISIS that the world (including America) should be destroyed and taken-over by political Islam, but who disagree on the tactics how to do that and who do not want a world run by ISIS Muslim leadership.
3.  Muslims who may have never read the Koran and have no interest in doing so, but will applaud the Islamic take-over of the free world (including America) as long a those taking over are not ISIS-style Muslims.

Can you see that every adult Muslim coming into the USA is our enemy?  That is why Obama opens the doors to any and every Muslim and that is why we should close our borders to any and every Muslim.  It is not religious discrimination. It is a militarily wise reaction to the invasion of our country by our war-time enemy.  Do something about it before it is too late.  Might your voice and your actions cost you?  Absolutely!  Do it for your children and grandchildren.  There is no glory in being a coward. There is a lot of shame.

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.


  1. Rev. Collins, good post. I just want to add a little of what I've learned to hopefully help readers understand what Islam and its history says it is. I'm going to have to do this in two or three posts. Sorry, it's so long, but I think this information is important to the whole picture.

    Inter-Islamic conflicts have existed since Mohammed's death when there was a disagreement over who would be Mohammed's successor. One group followed his father-in-law (Sunnis, the largest Islamic sect at around 80-85% of all Muslims). The other followed his son-in-law (Shias, at 15-20%). Each considers the other to be infidels or apostates. They've been killing one another for 1400 years. Within those two sects, there are at least 73 subsects, such as the Twelvers, the Qur'anists, the Sufi, Safalists, Alawhite, Wahabbis, etc.

    Unsurprisingly, they essentially believe the same thing. To understand Islam, it's essential to view the Qur'an, the Hadith and the Sira together, as well as Islamic law. Shariah law is a large collection of "scholarly" consensus. There are often differences in how they arrived at the justifications for what their holy trilogy says, but they arrive at the same place. Just because Shias flee from Sunnis (or vice versa) does not mean they will not do the same to the Sunnis as the Sunnis do to them, and they do when they have enough power. They may disagree on strategy or justification, but not on the principle, such as infidels must convert, die or submit to Shariah and pay the jizya (tax), jihad is the obligation of all Muslims, etc. Each sect, however, views themselves as the ones to establish the rightful caliphate. Opposing leaders are protecting their own power and sect. IOW, they're fighting over who is right and WHO gets to be the big cheese.

    It's also important to understand the two periods in which the Qur'an was written. The Meccan Period, where all the warm fuzzy suras (verses) were written and the Median (Medina), where Mohammed discovered the usefulness of military and political conquest in advancing his "religion." The latter suras supercede or "abrogate" the earlier suras. When the content of the trilogy is examined, 64% of the works is devoted to political dominance, with a mere 36% touching on the religious aspects of Islam. Islam is a totalitarian political ideology of conquest that employs religion a motivational and controlling mechanism for the political.

  2. There is no moderate or radical Islam. There is just Islam. No Muslim is ever radicalized. They become devout. A Muslim that does not adhere to the teachings from the trilogy and to Shariah consensus are apostates. Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a leading Muslim cleric living in Qatar, and the spiritual leader for the Muslim Brotherhood, said: "If the penalty for apostasy was ignored, there would be no Islam today; it would have ended on the prophet's death." The penalty? Death.

    The easiest way I've found to explain Islam is that Mohammed is considered to have been the "ideal" man. Some say "the perfect man", but according to Islam, only Allah is perfect. However, since Mohammed was the best mankind could offer up, Muslims are obligated to model after him. ISIS has not done one single thing that Mohammed didn't do. If they are "radical", they are radically correct in their interpretation of Islam. ISIS is Islam.

    There are, of course, Muslims who don't want to live under Shariah law, believe Islam needs to be reformed or simply aren't devout. Most won't leave Islam, because the consequences of leaving, even in a Western country, is a death sentence, at worst, and at best, a complete severing of their ties with family and friends, since family and friends are obligated to kill them for apostasy. The few who boldly call for reform, leave Islam, or convert to another faith take quite a large risk.

    Everything we're told by Islamic mouthpieces, every word and phrase, must be viewed through Shariah law, not English or Western definitions or understandings. For instance, the "Religion of Peace" meme must be interpreted this way. What we're told is a form of sanctioned lying, but it's not a lie, if peace is defined according to Shariah. Peace will only come when the entire world is in total submission to Shariah. That's the Peace Islam is talking about. There are many other examples we hear frequently.

    I think we are pretty much saying the same thing. I've spent years learning what Islam says it is, not the useful-idiot multiculturalists or Islamic apologists, who are well within their obligations to Islamic law to lie in order to advance Islam. Islam's own works are quite clear, once we look at the whole of it from their point of view. Islam is the inverse image of Judeo-Christian beliefs. Whatever Jews and Christians believe, Islam, despite the facade placed on it, believes the opposite. It is anti-everything Judeo-Christian. It is anti-Christ.