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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WWIII: Obama's America is the Bad Guy


Expect Obama to take America to war against Russia and China for attacking ISIS and their kind. 


Like I wrote 18-hours ago on my Facebook page, "I wonder what the US Military will do when Obama orders the US to war against Russia and China for picking on his Islamic friends?" 

We know Obama is pro-Muslim and pro-Islam. We know the Syrian Rebels (so called) are Islamic who will turn on America (and any other non-Muslim country, including and especially Israel) as soon as they can.  Putin and China know that too.  Russia and China know Obama's Rebels are not significantly different from ISIS (the difference is akin to comparing milk chocolate to dark chocolate) and Putin and China will kill Syrian Islamic-Rebels with as much devotion as they will kill Islamic State (ISIS) members.  Obama will then order US Forces to engage Russian and Chinese forces in defense of Islam (Islamic-Syrian Rebels). 


In World War Three it looks like America will be the bad guys and Russia and China the good guys!  Obama-change is here indeed.  This is a fundamental change just like Obama promised in 2008.  Obama-voters are getting for all of us, what they voted for.

Obama won the Presidency because he offered free money to the lazy (socialism), many democrats voted more than one time, and many of the dead voted democrat.  Obama stays in power over us because Provost Marshall Mark Inch (the person who can legally arrest Obama) is derelict in his duties, democrats are too stupid (deceived) to know what is going on or are just like Obama (evil and anti-American), and rino-Republicans are split down the middle between closet-democrats and cowards. 

As a preacher and Bible teacher of 44-years, I have often posed the question from the pulpit and in the classroom, "I wonder why America is not mentioned in end-time prophesy?"  My conclusion has always been that either America is non-existent as a world-power or on the side of the anti-Christ, therefore lumped in with the enemies of God at the end of the world.   Obama-change has brought and continues to bring the decline of our military power and the shift of our government from pro-Israel and pro-God to pro-Satan and pro-Islam.   It looks to be a combination of the two for America in the end times -- a militarily weak nation and a nation (politically-speaking) on the wrong side of God in the end times.

I addressed this same issue in 2013. See:

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