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Friday, January 1, 2016


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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.
As most people know, military equipment has been and is being shipped all around the USA in preparation for something.  That does not happen without the knowledge and approval of the Commander-in-Chief.  In this case, it is probably at the direction (initiation) of the Commander-in-Chief. He is getting ready for something. That something is probably civil war.  The Islamic take-over of America will be easier for our enemies if we are engaged in active unrest/civil war.

Obama knows we will only take so much before we rebel against oppression.  However, with a goal of civil war, he is motivated to continue to abuse us.  Congress adopts a position that they are powerless to stop him when, in reality, Democrats and rhino-Republicans are for civil war or, at least, not against it enough to do anything to stop it.  The majority of the rest of the Republicans in Congress are afraid of Obama; they hope the Republic survives eight years of Obama, but they are not going to do anything of significance that will stop or slow him.  
One has to ask why the Congress is so powerless.  There are six reasons.
1.  Money.  Some Congress members are being paid big bucks.  We pay Muslims for oil. Muslims pay Congress not to represent us.  We are paying towards our own destruction.
2.  Fear.  The powers that be have personal dirt on Congress members that will stay hidden if Congress members submit the powers that be.
3.  Self-centeredness.  Some in Congress are more concerned for their personal political progress than the good of our Country.  So, they go along with whoever has the most power to promote them.  
4.  Ignorance:  Some people are just uninformed and too lazy to become informed.  As Representative Sheila Jackson (D) said, "We have lasted some 400 years under our Constitution...."  http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/03/13/math-problem-rep-jackson-lee-claims-constitution-is-400-years-old.html
5.  Stupidity.  When stupid people elect stupid people, there is just an abundance of stupid. There is no help for stupidity.  When the stupid are in power, however, they always cause damage and loss.
6.  Infiltration. Some Congress members are anti-American and rejoice to do all they can to destroy America.  The enemy is among us.
Since Obama stole the office of President he has been abusing Americans on a daily basis.  He treats our Constitution like toilet paper.  He uses Executive Orders to strip us of our rights and change our laws.  He floods our country with our war-time enemies and gives them status, promotion and protection.  His actions at home and abroad encourage terrorism across the planet, including in our homeland.  He uses our tax dollars to provide aid and comfort to our enemies.  He ignores our legal system when he disagrees with our laws.  He has removed military leaders who are anti-Islam and who he feels will not follow his orders to fire on Americans when ordered.  We all expected him to come after our guns in the last year of his reign.  If early reports are to be believed, that first wave of gun-confiscation beings in this new year.  The first wave of gun-confiscation is always restriction/regulation and then registration using the logic that if others use guns against us then we (the victims) must be disarmed or less-well armed.  Democrats have made no secret of their goal to destroy the Second Amendment.  Everything they do regarding guns is a move in that direction.
It is important to understand that the primary purpose of being armed (the Second Amendment) is to withstand an armed onslaught from our own government.  Therefore, we need access to weapons (and ammo) that, at least, rival the hand-held weapons of our military.   
While Obama is flooding our country with Islamists who will be armed, he is making every effort to disarm law-abiding citizens. This is, I assure you, in accord with the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood advisers in the White House.
The Executive Order further limiting the purchase of viable fire power to defend ourselves is on its way.  Here comes another step towards civil war inked from the pen of the would-be king. 
"Give me liberty or give me death."  Patrick Henry. 

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