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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sheriff Joe will endorse Donald Trump? Carl Gallups says, "PROBABLY SO"


Carl Gallups says:
Today I had an in-depth one and 1/2 hour meeting with Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo in Sheriff Arpaio's personal office. As you can imagine, we talked about many confidential matters. Sheriff Arpaio assures me that the investigation in the matter of Obama and his birth certificate question is still going on, very detailed, and will eventually be the subject of a press release. I am not allowed to elaborate any further on that topic at this point.
I asked Sheriff Joe who he was officially endorsing for President. His response was, "I have not yet officially endorsed anyone. However, if asked for an official endorsement from the Trump campaign, there is a very good possibility that would happen."
So Mr. Trump...are you or your staff following PNN? If so, another solid endorsement more than likely awaits you - from "America's Toughest Sheriff."
Mike Zullo says he will come on Freedom Friday and PNN radio, etc. as soon as the Federal Court makes a decision in his motion.
Stay tuned. We will release more as soon as we can - at PNN.

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