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Sunday, January 3, 2016


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by Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions.
Obama's most recent radio address is as follows: 
"....We know we can't stop every act of violence. But, what if we tried to stop even one....A few months ago I directed  my team at the White House to look into any new actions I can take to help reduce gun violence. And, on Monday I'll meet with my attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to discuss our options."   Source:  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/video/2016/jan/02/obama-considers-executive-actions-over-epidemic-of-gun-violence-video
Here are the facts.
"The Muslim Brotherhood, which was recently labeled by the Egyptian government as a terrorist organization, just formed its own political party right here in America." Their only goal is the Islamic take-over of America. Their launching pad is the White House.   http://conservativetribune.com/muslim-brotherhood-us-party/
Obama's team is made up of a White House full of Muslim Brotherhood members.  http://www.westernjournalism.com/muslim-brotherhood-infiltrates-the-white-house/ 
Loretta Lynch has devoted herself to the Islamaization of America.  http://www.dailywire.com/news/1593/loretta-lynch-vows-prosecute-those-who-use-anti-james-barrett
Because of wide-spread accurate information about the Koran, the political winds are shifting strongly against Islam (Muslims).
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Obama would not be meeting with Loretta Lynch if his Muslim-team had not already found some way to try to disarm law-abiding Americans without going through Congress and if the Executive Order to do that was not already created.  Below are the best things that Obama can do to reduce gun-violence in America. 
1.  Resign the Office of President so Muslims will not feel empowered to commit acts of terrorism (gun-violence).
2.  Deport from American soil those who claim to support the Koran because it openly and clearly calls for terrorism.
3.  Stop importing those who claim to support the Koran.
4.  Close our borders so terrorists cannot walk into our country at will.
5.  Since 95% of all terrorism is committed by Muslims, stop giving tax-dollars to Muslims.
6.  Make it illegal for non-citizens of America to own, carry or have a gun.
7.  Enforce existing laws.
8.  Support open-carry for every law-abiding citizen of the USA.  Islamists are cowards and will not fire on armed citizens.
9.  Get rid of "no-self defense permitted" areas (AKA "gun-free zones") because terrorist, being cowards, are drawn to those areas. 
10. Stop giving welfare to polygamists. 
11. Keep the Federal government out of making laws designed to limit State's rights when it comes to the Second Amendment.
12. Honor, protect and defend the Second Amendment.
13. Call Islamic terrorism what it is. It is not "workplace violence."
14. Admit you (Obama) are pro-Islamic so the low information voter knows who and what you are. Most will stop supporting you. The less people support you the less violence we will have.
15. Stop race-baiting.  The smaller percentage of gun-violence (that is non-Muslim) is mostly caused by your last seven years of race-baiting.
16. Stop interfering in the economic affairs of America. You have made America financially-poorer. The poorer we are the more the poor turn to violence to get what they need or want. 
17.  Stop promoting class-warfare. 
18.  Quit setting captured terrorists free.
19.  Recapture and imprison or kill the terrorists you have set free.
20.  Make a serious attempt to destroy ISIS or get out of the way and let our military do it.
21.  Quit using US tax dollars to buy guns, ammo, trucks and tanks for ISIS and other terrorists groups.  Do not give them any more of our money.
Of course, he will NOT do any of these things.  Rather, he will try to disarm as many law-abiding citizens of the USA as he can so armed terrorists can do more terrorism. That is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood (his White House counselors).  He is not stupid. He knows terrorists will always have guns and bombs.  Disarming you only makes terrorists more powerful against you and against our Nation.  So, get ready for Executive legislation that is directed at disarming as many of Islam's enemies as possible.  (That is you!)
His pitch (foundation for his Executive Order) will be that if every law-abiding American citizen is disarmed or, at least, some law-abiding American citizens are disarmed, someday someone might not be shot who otherwise would not be shot. Plus, some non-Muslims have shot some non-Muslims in the past.  Therefore, the best response is to disarm _______________ (fill in the blank).  That blank will not contain any Muslim or known terrorist.   As lame as that sounds, mark my words. That will be the summary of his position when announced next week.
It is true that if every law-abiding American was disarmed, there is a chance that one killing by one law-abiding citizen gone bad will be averted sometime in the future.  He will point to a few cases of non-Muslims shooting non-Muslims and imply, "If that non-Muslim did not have a gun, that other non-Muslim would not be dead."  Of course, that is a true statement. 
What is also true is that the disarming of law-abiding Americans will bring on the death of many Americans, and the eventual overtaking of America by Islamists.   Obama knows this.  Everyone with an IQ of 95 or more knows this.  However, the mass killing of non-Muslims will not be part of his speech or addressed by his Executive Order. 
It is true the Obama wants war in America.  However, he wants the enemy among us armed with guns and bombs and you and I armed with knives, sticks, rocks and yelling.  That makes for a short-lived war where fewer of his comrades die. 
His coming Executive Order regarding guns is towards that end.  I assure you.  And, you know that too.  The question is, what are we going to do about it? 
Obama's first seven years in office was devoted to creating Islamic-based unrest in the world, including America. He will devote his last year in office to promoting the Islamic overthrow of America.  We know what he is doing and why. What we do not know is what American's  will do.  There are two options. We can submit to Obama's brand of Executive-order terrorism or we can stand up for our Second Amendment rights. Anyone who stands up will be a target.  Make your decision quickly. Decision time is very near. 
When Obama says "gun-violence", think "Islamic terrorism" because 95% of gun-violence is related to Islamic terrorism.  If we get rid of Islamic terrorism, we reduce gun-violence by 95%.  Obama will focus on the 5% knowing that if he can convince us to concentrate on the 5%, the 95% will win.  Trying to get rid of 5% of non-Muslims who misuse a gun will disarm all law-abiding citizens and the 95% wins.  Obama knows he cannot do that with one Executive Order, but he can move in that direction with one Executive Order.
In case you have not noticed, we are at war with Islam.  The coming Executive Order is designed to promote, even if just a little bit, the Islamic take-over of America.  Muslims are patience.  They will accept surrender an inch at a time, as long as we stay in constant motion of surrender to them.
Do not do this! 
 Unless you want to see your family end up like this.
And, America like this:
Despite what Obama says, global warming is not the greatest threat to the world.  Gun-violence from Islam is.  The most powerful asset that Islamic gun-violence has right now is the Presidency of the United States of America.

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