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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Democrats embrace Islam because:
1.  Islam hates the deity of Jesus Christ as do most Democrats.  Remember, the Democrat Party that dropped all references to God from their party platform.
2.  Islam hates the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "They hate me without a cause."  (John 15:25, KJV).  There is no good reason to hate Jesus. However, Satan hates Jesus and those who follow Satan hate Jesus. There does not need to be a reason.  "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." 
3.  Democrats think that the followers of Islam are like many professing Christians who are Christian in word but reject concepts of the Bible at will and still maintain a respectable testimony within many churches.  Democrats think that to be an Islamists is to pick the parts of the Koran that reflect their personal opinions and reject everything in the Koran that is contrary to their personal opinion, and live accordingly. However, that is not what main-stream (the majority of) Islam is. 
4. Democrats are all about power and control.  They are drawn to the power of Islam (anarchy, death-threats and murders).  They admire Islamists because of the fear instilled in others by the blood-thirst of Islamists.  They were and remain positively impressed by 9-11.  Democrats admire Islam because Islam has total or near total control over most Muslims.  Democrats are drawn to those that can be blindly lead, thus they like Muslims --  a lot!
5.  Democrats think that Islam will help them overpower Christians and they (the Democrats) will stay in power once Christians are dead or their political impact silenced by Islam.  Democrats lack the good sense to understand they are the sheep who will one day be controlled by Islam.  They are beyond help. There is no cure for stupid.
6.  Democrats are ignorant because they find bliss in ignorance.
7.  Democrats are afraid of Islam and, being cowards, have already surrendered America to Islam. 
8.  Democrats are evil people. They embrace and promote evil.  Some work hard to appear as angels of light.  Islam is evil thus attractive to Democrats.
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Rev. Joda Collins
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