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Thursday, January 14, 2016


Traveling in a vehicle at 55mph in a 35mph zone, the driver was pulled over by the police and issued a ticket. The driver went to court and told the judge that he (the driver) was ignorant of the speed limit. The judge dismissed the charges.
One man got mad at another man and killed him in a fit of anger.  His defense was that he was ignorant of the law forbidding murder.  Therefore, the jury, moved by his unawareness, found him not guilty by reason of ignorance of the law.
An accountant stole $500,000.00 from his employer over a period of several years.  He was caught.  He went to his employer and said, "I was ignorant of the law that forbids me from taking money that was not mine."  The employer told the accountant that he was really sorry he was ignorant of the law and promised not to prosecute.
A Muslim said he never read the Koran and was not aware that the Koran tells Muslims to lie about their (so-called) religion, to kill non-Muslims, to rape, have and sell slaves, marry children, conquer as many lands, peoples and cultures as they can, and mutilate the genitals of girls. American's say, "Oh, you are ignorant of  those things. Well, then that is okay.  Keep your religion and politics, and we will tolerate you and your ways because you said you are ignorant.
Everyone of these scenarios is ridiculous. However, the last one is reality.  And some wonder why the world is falling into the hands of Muslims.
Every adult Muslim should be prosecuted or deported unless he or she denounce his/her (so-called) religion, his/her guide book(s), his/her sociopath prophet and Islam's blood-thirsty political ideology that demands that Muslims be or become enemies of America. Adult Muslims should be held accountable even if they say they are ignorant of their prophet, their (so-called) religious book, their (so-called) religion and their politics (which, of course, are all lies). 
To tolerate your enemy in time of war fosters your surrender.
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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with my opinions. 

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