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Friday, February 5, 2016


A simple clarification of a complicated provision regarding Obamacare goes like this:  If an employer with 50 or more employees does not buy Obamacare insurance for employees, then the employer is fined $3,000 per employee per year plus the employer cannot deduct that fine from company income tax, -- thus the total financial expense to the employer will be up to $5,000 per employee per year.
However, if the employer hires illegals that have been "vetted" (Obama Administration approved) the employer is not required to purchase Obamacare for them and cannot be fined. The President, Vice President (as I understand it), Congress and vetted illegals are exempt from Obamacare and all penalties whether personal or business.  Americans and legal immigrants are exempt from neither. This is Obama's way of putting Americans out of work, discouraging legal immigration and encourage Mulsims to continue to flood across our borders.
To make it worse, if the employer fires all Americans and legal immigrants and hires only vetted (what a joke that word is) immigrants, the employer does not have to provide Obamacare insurance for any employee. This, alone, will put Americans and legal immigrants out of work.  In addition, you can expect all illegals, no matter how they got here, to be vetted soon.  Thus, this is a provision of Obamacare that makes illegals over American citizens the best choice, by far, for employment in 71% of the American job market. 
Cruz wants to end this policy but the Democrats stand against it.
Obamacare makes the financial takeover of America by illegal immigrants inevitable beginning this year.
When Muslims have the jobs and Americans are on welfare, Muslims will own America. The first thing they will do is stop Welfare for all non-Muslims. I hope you are getting the broad picture.  Obamacare is a weapon against every American.
When you understand that Democrats are pro-Muslim and anti-American, everything they do makes sense. 
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