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Friday, March 11, 2016

NEW REVELATIONS in Obama Fraud Case! Gallups interviews Arpaio

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Mike Shoesmith - PNN Executive Editor

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Updated - March 10, 2016  - 2:50 PM EST

Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

"I'll take my truck and put [the investigation] right in the lobby of the agency that I'm going to turn it over to. Then it's going to be up to them."

(Phoenix, Arizona) On March 9th, 2016, Carl Gallups (Founder of PNN News and Ministry Network) spent about two hours behind closed doors in the office of Sheriff  Joe Arpaio in Phoenix, Arizona. Carl met with Sheriff Arpaio and Arpaio's lead investigator with the MCSO Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo. They were assembled for the purpose of discussing the status of the Obama fraudulent birth certificate investigation, an investigation opened by Sheriff Arpaio and the Cold Cast Posse in 2012.

This was the second of two such meetings. Gallups went to Phoenix in January of 2016 to have a similar discussion. That meeting lasted almost two hours and was also attended by Mike Zullo. Both meetings that Gallups attended were at the request of Zullo and Arpaio.

At the March meeting, Sheriff Arpaio appointed Gallups as a Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Special Deputy. In order to do this, MCSO had to conduct a background investigation on Gallups and then the Sheriff made the official appointment. As a Special Deputy, Gallups could then be made aware of even more sensitive information regarding the Obama fraud investigation than what he already knew from his previous confidential conversations with investigator Zullo. The Special Deputy status does not endow Gallups with any direct law enforcement capabilities. However, it does officially enable the Sheriff to call upon Gallups for assistance, as well as holding Gallups to a higher level of accountability. It also allows for a clearer chain of information exchange between Gallups and Zullo.

Gallups has several years of prior law enforcement experience as a sworn officer and has personally been involved in and conducted criminal investigations. Gallups told PNN that he thoroughly understands the sensitive and confidential nature of an ongoing investigation that has potentially criminal overtones attached.

When PNN asked Gallups what Sheriff Arpaio disclosed in that meeting, he said, “We have privately discussed this case for a total of about four hours, in two different meetings. There is much we talked about that I am not at liberty to disclose at this point. However, I can disclose several things that should be of great interest to those who have been following this ongoing investigation.”

No Federal Authority Has Looked At The Investigation

Gallups continued, “Sheriff Arpaio was most disconcerted about the fact that no federal authority (law enforcement, congress, etc.) has ever contacted his office and even asked to at least take a look at the voluminous evidence upon which he is sitting in this criminal investigation.”                                                 

Gallups went on to emphasize that there has not been a single “hearing” of Arpaio’s evidence upon its merit. No court has looked at it, no congressional committee, and no federal law enforcement agency.

Gallups noted, “Please understand, when I say “merit,” I mean the evidence. So the argument that some naysayers put forth ‘Well, they aren’t looking at it because there is nothing there,’ is completely erroneous. How could anyone know there is ‘nothing there’ if they have never looked at what Arpaio’s total and in-depth forensic investigation has revealed?”                                                 

This is just a sampling of the massive volumes of investigation material that Gallups was allowed to see in Mike Zullo's office - regarding the Obama BC fraud case.

“And, Gallups retorted, “If there’s nothing there in reality – come look at it, expose the ‘nothing there’ and tell it to the world! Rather – they simply refuse to look at it. I contend it's precisely because they know there is something there.”                                                               

Gallups said, “It appears to me that these people don’t want to look at it because they fear what they may be forced to face. In reality this a terribly sad commentary on the state of the integrity and reliability of our current media, federal court system, and federal law enforcement agencies.”

“The sheriff did say,” Gallups continued, “that under the Obama administration there has certainly not been a ‘friendly’ environment for arriving at the truth of a bonafide criminal investigation.”

Answering The Critics

Gallups expanded, “Sheriff Arpaio, answered his detractors who have claimed he has ‘done nothing’ in advancing the ‘turning over’ of the information to authorities.  The sheriff told me that they did take the investigation information directly to a sitting federal judge who, unknown to Arpaio at the time, had another pending case regarding Obama’s eligibility before his court therefore could not look at Arpaio’s information.”

“The sheriff also told me,” Gallups said, “that they took the investigation’s revelations to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office and the Arizona Attorney General’s office as well as the former Arizona Secretary of State’s office (the active Secretary of State at the time) – none would even look at it.  To this day, those officials don’t have a clue concerning the magnitude of what the sheriff is sitting on!"

The Sheriff said they even issued a personal invitation to the former Arizona Secretary of State, through Mike Zullo, to come to Arpaio’s office and they would show him “everything we had.” The AZ Secretary of State refused to come and refused to even hear the information.” Gallups asked, “What does this tell you?”

Gallups continued, “And, of course, Mike Zullo and I even went to Washington D.C. together. We were there for several days. We spoke face-to-face with several congressmen as well as a highly prominent former congressman. We actually met in a conference room at the Capitol building with one congressman, and his chief of staff. This congressman, Jeff Miller, sat on a congressional investigative committee. Miller heard much of what Zullo and Arpaio had in the case at that time and actually arranged a Florida meeting between Zullo, himself, and I, in which Zullo had agreed to give the congressman hard copy evidence of what they were holding in the investigation. The congressman said he wanted to “get it before his committee.” Within days of that agreement, and after Zullo and I made all our calendar and travel arrangements, the congressman’s office called us and said, “the meeting is not going to happen.”  The meeting was simply and summarily shut down. There was no explanation for the shutdown of the meeting – other than “it is not going to happen.” It appeared to us that someone had “gotten to” the congressman in the matter. This is only a speculation on our part in light of the "reason" given for the "no-show meeting." Of course this was back in the days of Speaker of the House John Boehner and his subsequent declaration that "We have no plans to impeach the President."

Brand New Information – Exclusive PNN Revelation

“Sheriff Arpaio also disclosed to me a piece of information that has never been made public prior to my meeting with him,” Gallups said. “The sheriff revealed that his office is currently working with a well known international forensic analytical laboratory in the case. The Sheriff's Office has already received some of the laboratory reports and are now waiting on even more analysis.”

Sheriff Arpaio said of that report “ I’m gonna [turn it over to federal authorities] but I’m waiting on some other international results first.”

Not Going Away!

The Sheriff concluded the interview by saying, “I’m not going away. If it takes more time to investigate this, I’ve got a lot of time left. But I want to get it done. I want to get it closed. Being an ex-federal guy for thirty years and working for the Department of Justice, I just can’t understand why nobody would call. They’ve seen our big press conferences. Call! Say [to me], ‘what do you got? Maybe we ought to look at this. It’s a federal violation!’

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

“How come nobody calls you?” the sheriff rhetorically asked. “They’ll call you on some other federal things, or if I had a little problem with other matters, they sure go after me on that!”

Gallups told PNN that his discussion with Zullo and Arpaio resulted in the analysis that one of the major hindrances to Arpaio’s investigation going further, in addition to the massive ‘firewall’ the Obama administration has built around the issue – was the sheer amount of nefarious and spurious internet chatter as well as failed attempts by other non-law enforcement parties to get something before federal courts. This caused many “officials” to shy away from the case because of preconceived notions they may have developed – without any actual examination of bonafide forensic law enforcement evidence and investigation.

Also, Gallups explained, the reason the last planned press conference that he and Zullo were reporting never happened is that just before the scheduled conference, a CIA contract employee came to the Sheriff’s office as a confidential informant. He was promising a boatload of information revealing even more potentially criminal activity at government administration levels. That informant, Dennis Montgomery, has now received immunity status by the FBI.

Death Threats?

In another highly sensitive matter (exclusive to PNN) concerning the Obama fraud investigation, Mike Zullo revealed to Gallups in several private meetings that a possible “Government operative” brought what they considered to be a credible warning/threat to Zullo claiming potentially pending harm to Zullo and, in particular, his family. Zullo revealed to Gallups that very important and highly detailed security measures have now been set in place to effectively deal with the threat.”

Lead Investigator Mike Zullo
A Change In Administration

Gallups also said, “The Sheriff and Zullo indicated on several occasions during these discussions that they were waiting on a change in Washington D.C. administration. They both admit that there would never be any investigation of this matter under Obama and his appointed legal officials.”

Gallups emphasized that Sheriff Arpaio made it clear to him in the interview – this investigation is not surrendered, it is still ongoing, they are still pursuing it and, the Sheriff stressed, “one day someone is going to have to look at this.”

 Listen to the entire interview that Carl Gallups had with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his office. This 9 minute clip is the interview that was granted for public release. This is NOT the sum total of the previous two meetings and almost four hours of in-depth discussion.  This interview was conducted on 3-9-16

This publication is copyrighted by PNN - all rights reserved. This report may be reproduced free of charge provided it is reproduced in its entirety, no changes are made to the report, and a link back to this original source is provided.

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