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Friday, April 29, 2016

Target's Stock Price Plunges Amidst Bathroom Controversy

(New York Times) A new policy over bathroom choice has thrust the retailer Target into the center of a nationwide debate over gender identity, civil rights and privacy.

Recently, Target announced on its website that it would allow transgender employees and customers to choose the restroom and fitting room that corresponded with their gender identities. About a month earlier, North Carolina passed a law restricting bathroom access to transgender people, a bill that set off a national debate that has even extended to the presidential campaign. (source)

Yesterday it was discovered that, as the possible result of a boycott currently numbering close to a million people Target's stock has begun a staggering plummet. Screen shots from Google show the dramatic decline.

April 28/2016


April 29/2016


Following some shockingly poor and costly decisions made by the company in Canada this bathroom debacle may be a wound too deep to recover from. Can the ship be righted? Or is this the end of Target Corporation? Stay tuned for Monday's opening bell. Is anyone at Walmart paying attention? I hope so for their sake.

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