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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


You will often see this sign on the exit road of church property.

As a Bible teacher and preacher, I find this sign insulting.

Is not preaching and teaching the Word of God part of the mission of the Church?  Isn't a pastor fulfilling part of his mission when he preaches the Word to lost and saved inside the church building? Isn't the Sunday School Bible teacher fulfilling part of his mission in sharing the Word and way of God with his Bible class?  Isn't the children's worker fulfilling a part of the mission of God when he or she leads a child to salvation in the Lord and teaches children to love, honor and follow Jesus?   Doesn't the church body have a command to be faithful in church attendance and worship, thus, isn't church attendance and worship therein part of the mission of the Church body?  Isn't there a lot of ministry that occurs on the church property, such as counseling, loving one another, encouraging one another, spurring one another on to good works, being a good witness and much, much more?

Does the mission of God stop at the property line of the church and start up again when you leave the House of God?  Is the church property a place of forbidden ministry? 

Obviously, I know what the sign is supposed to mean.  It means there is a lot to do with the truths and commitments we gained while under the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. The world is a dark place and we are to shed the light of Christ in it.  I get it! 

However, it is one thing to understand that a poorly written sentence does not really mean what is states and it is another thing to state something accurately. 

One might write, "You are entering a mission field."  However, if someone has to be told that, the chances are they are too spiritually-dull to know what it means anyway. 

Why not this sign?   --  "Take Your Commitment Into the World."  Or, how about this one? -- "Be the Salt and the Light."  Or, how about this one?  -- "Be A Blessing to Others."

When we enter the church property, the mission of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit does not end and start again when we leave the church property.  If your church has a godly purpose, a divine mission and a Holy Spirit-led ministry, then take down that sign!    

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