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Sunday, May 1, 2016


I am disappointed in Ted Cruz because he is as guilty as Obama for running for the Office of President even though he is not a natural born citizen. Cut through all of the legalese and justification and the Founding Fathers' goal was to protect us from those who might have a commitment to foreign lands due to their birth status.  In that, Ted is disqualified from holding the Office of President or Vice President of the
United States no matter how he or anyone else spins the definition of natural born citizen.   That means Ted has questionable character.

I am disappointed in Ted because I do not like his voice. He should have taken some voice lessons on how to speak without that grating sound/tone. Maybe he did and he is doing the best he can. I doubt it.

I am disappointed in Ted because he has avoided the concept of building the wall on the US/Mexico border until now.  If he was serious about building a wall, that would have been part of his original platform of promises.

I am disappointed in Ted because he should know that most Republicans (men and women) do not want to be ruled, overseen, directed or commanded from the White House by a woman either as VP or (in four to eight years) as President.  He should know that most military men do not want a woman Commander-in-Chief. He should know that, from a biblical point-of-view, women leadership over men is insulting to men and a sign of God's curse on a nation (Isaiah
3:12).  Yea, yea, yea, I know all about Debra!  The exception to a rule does not negate the rule, but enforces it. That is why it is an "exception." Duh! For clarification see http://www.lulu.com/shop/joda-collins/does-god-call-women-to-lead-men-when-women-lead-men-leave/ebook/product-17499047.html.

I am disappointed in Ted because the only reason he selected Fiorina as his VP is for, what he assumes to be, a political advantage.

I am really disappointed in Ted Cruz.

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