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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pastor Carl Gallups takes on Dr. Russell Moore, Pres. of SBC Ethics Commission over Donald Trump campaign.

Fox News, national radio, and WND.com cover the story!

Pastor Gallups gives biblical, moral, logical clarity to the general election consequences and the Christian's part in it...


Some of Pastor Carl Gallups' comments in the WND.com article:
Another Trump supporter is Carl Gallups, the pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church and the author of several books including the recent “Be Thou Prepared: Equipping The Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble.”
Gallups has a long history with the Southern Baptist Convention, telling WND he was saved in a Southern Baptist Church, married in a Southern Baptist church, called to be a minister in a Southern Baptist church, graduated with a Masters in Divinity from a Southern Baptist Seminary, serves on the board of regents of a Southern Baptist university and has been the pastor of a Southern Baptist church for 30 years.
And Gallups argues Moore is simply wrong about Trump and his advice for Christians.
“The problem with Dr. Moore’s pontifications concerning Donald Trump is he basically tells us who we ‘should not’ vote for, without offering up his advice as to who we ‘should’ vote for or who he is supporting,” said Gallups. “I sincerely appreciate what he is trying to accomplish, but he’s simply leaving out the harsh realities of our electoral system. On the morning of November 9, 2016, either Hillary Clinton (or some other hard-left America-hating Democrat) or Donald Trump is going to be president and commander in chief of America’s armed forces for the next four to eight years.” 
Gallups says as a pastor and a Christian, the choice of who the next president will be offers high stakes for believers which can’t be simply brushed aside.
“At that point, there are many real questions for Christians,” he argued. “Who will best give us the opportunity to be real Christians? Which choice for president will best defend the Christian heritage, ideals and foundation of this nation? Which candidate will best defend America’s borders and security? Which candidate will most likely work hard to improve the economy and return industry, corporations, and jobs to America?
“Which candidate is most likely to be most ‘friendly’ to the Christian community at large – as well as with Israel? Which candidate will most likely give those of us who are Christians and pastors the opportunities to address, fight, and possibly defeat some of the moral insanities that have been inflicted upon this nation in the last eight years? Which president do you want to see sitting across the table from the diabolic regimes of the world trying to hold back the flood of evil they wish to inflict upon the United States – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?”
Carl Gallups said the answer to that is a “no-brainer.”
It’s going to get worse before it gets better. Persecution, disaster and hardship are on the way – find out what YOU can do to prepare. “ Be Thou Prepared: Equipping the Church for Persecution and Times of Trouble,” available in the WND Superstore.
However, Moore may not share some of Gallups’ premises.
Moore’s tenure at the head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has been marked by heavy criticism by Christians for Moore’s habit of unleashing all his fire on conservatives while pulling his punches when it comes to the left.
In 2014, Moore blasted Christian talk radio, saying if talk radio was all he knew of Christianity, “I’d hate it [Christianity] too.”
While slamming partnerships with those whom he called “gospel heretics” such as Glenn Beck and Trump, Moore said evangelicals should work with Obama.
Moore has also been an enthusiastic backer of efforts to promote amnesty for illegal aliens. He is listed as one of the heads of the “Evangelical Immigration Table,” an organization which lobbied for amnesty for illegal aliens.
The Evangelical Immigration Table is a product of the National Immigration Forum, which receives funding from controversial left wing financier George Soros.
Gallups argued Moore is simply being used as a weapon by enemies of conservatives and Christians.
“I fear by jumping in bed with the likes of The New York Times, Dr. Moore is simply being used by these left-wing propaganda machines as a ‘useful idiot,’ a phrase that comes from the left, in order to further their ‘Never Trump’ campaign,” Gallups said sadly. “Donald Trump scares the life out of the socialist left, America’s enemies, terrorists, illegal immigrants, the enemies of Israel, criminals and thugs. Given those factors, I don’t see that the Christian voter has much of a real choice. The ‘moral decision’ lies not in which candidate is the most moral, but which person for whom we vote is most likely to allow those of us who are Christians to return moral clarity to our country.”
Gallups also challenged Moore about who he thought was a “moral” candidate in the general elections of the past.
“My question for Dr. Moore is who has he voted for in a general election, given the same standards he now upholds as the Christian ideal for voting,” said Gallups. “After all, Bill Clinton sang in the choir at a Southern Baptist Church in Little Rock. Did you vote for him? Jimmy Carter taught Sunday school at a Baptist church in Plaines, Georgia. Did you vote for him?”
Even Ronald Reagan, Gallups said, wasn’t a Christian role model.
“Moore has concerns with Trump divorcing and remarrying,” said Gallups. “Well, Ronald Reagan also was divorced and remarried. He only attended church once during his entire presidency. Like Trump, Reagan used to be a Democrat. Unlike Donald or Melania Trump, both Ronald and Nancy Reagan had a deep interest in astrology, with such practices even affecting the scheduling of certain events. Did you vote for Ronald Reagan?”
Gallups said he wouldn’t have made Ronald Reagan an associate pastor or a deacon in his church, but was proud to have voted for him and called him “the greatest president of the United States in my lifetime.”
Gallups argued he wouldn’t make Trump a pastor either, but that doesn’t mean he won’t vote for him.
“I am not voting for a pastor, pope, or priest, I am voting for a U.S. president,” Gallups said. “We will have only two real choices. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone else who is certain to continue Obama’s godless policies. The rest is up to us in the pulpits and pews. Voting your conscience in the primary is one thing, but if Hillary Clinton is in the White House on November 9th because millions of Christians did not want to ‘offend their conscience,’ how can they live with themselves? How will they explain how they enabled handing over the nation to policies which perpetuate evil? How can they explain that hypocrisy to their children and grandchildren?”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/05/trump-candidacy-divides-christian-leaders/#DyYtbsgv5O5KjXM0.99


  1. Amen! well said. King David did not live a perfect life, but the Almighty said he had a good heart for HIM Christ did not say much very nice about the 'self righteous pharasees of HIS day. We are not eleting a god nor a savior, but a member of humanity to take care of the business of the peope and nation for a few years. And our support and prayers and constructive criticism is part of the process. And do vote and pay attention to all the others on the ballot. As we have a government in three parts, of which the presidency is only one. Linda Joy Adams

  2. It sound to me like Mr. Moore is in the wrong place of service and employment.