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Saturday, May 14, 2016


Hypocrisy or Hype?

By Pastor Carl Gallups
The way I see it, the moral dilemma is not which candidate is the perfect candidate with shining morals and a halo gleaming over their head. There are none of those to offer, and there never have been. The moral dilemma is that given the only two choices we do have - which one might best preserve the values (or the highest number of them) that I cherish the most? Which one might possibly give America some breathing room and at least a chance to recover from the plunge we have taken into insanity over the last eight years? Or put another way, which candidate is the most likely to continue, or increase, the insanity? When faced with the cold, hard, pragmatic fact that no candidate for president offers the "perfect Christian" choice, then we have to ask ourselves another set of questions: “Who will best give us the opportunity to be real Christians? Which choice for president will best defend the Christian heritage, ideals and foundation of this nation? Which candidate will best defend America’s borders and security? Which candidate will most likely work hard to improve the economy and return industry, corporations, and jobs to America? Which candidate is most likely to be most ‘friendly’ to the Christian community at large – as well as with Israel? Which candidate is the most likely to respect the constitution and rule of law? Which candidate is most likely to appoint a conservative constitution-abiding Supreme Court justice?" We would also need to ask, "Which candidate will most likely give those of us who are Christians and pastors the opportunities to address, fight, and possibly defeat some of the moral inanities that have been inflicted upon this nation in the last eight years? Which president, in spite of what they are now saying, might give us the best opportunity to fight the insanity of gay marriage, radical homosexuality, the abortion holocaust, and the transgender insanity? Which one - Trump or Hillary - would me most "likely" to at least listen to and give serious consideration to the biblical truth of these matters?" Here's another good question, "Which president do you want to see sitting across the table from the diabolic regimes of the world trying to hold back the flood of evil they wish to inflict upon the United States – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?” Because one of them most assuredly will. You will get to say which one – with your vote (or by not voting). These are the kind of questions Christians must now ask. Once you have your answer, then go to the polls and vote for the one who will "most likely" be the best answer to these questions. There are no guarantees to how anyone will ultimately react once in the Oval Office - but Hillary certainly has an extremely negative track record regarding all these questions - while Trump is at least "saying and promising" the right things to "most" of these questions. And regarding the ones to which he is not yet responding appropriately - perhaps he can be persuaded. We can be certain Hillary will not be persuaded. She has made that clear time and time again. If Trump winds up being a deceiver and a loser – so be it. We did our part. We did our best with what we had. It is in God’s hands. The cold, hard truth of the matter is that on the morning of November 9th, 2016, one of these two candidates (short of something unforeseen happening between now and then) will be your next president and commander in chief of America's armed forces. Presidential elections matter. If you don't vote (out of protest or 'conscience'), then you have voted - like it or not. If Hillary goes in because you didn't vote for Trump - then you helped put her there. It really is that simple. Tough stuff. But life is tough. Christian-living in an insane, godless world is not always a clean affair. Ask Daniel. Ask his three friends. Why did they enter the King's service in the first place? Why did they even go to his "schools?" Why did they submit to learn the Babylonian culture and practices? Why didn't they just "refuse" and martyr themselves at the very beginning of the whole ordeal? Could it be that they chose to "involve" and "engage" the culture around them? Could it be that they looked for opportunities to make a difference, and then they carefully picked their "hills upon which they were finally willing to die?" Yes - exactly. Not easy choices. Not always unsoiled stuff. Living, and voting, in a godless Babylon calls for wisdom, prayer, discernment, and courage. And life is filled with Pharisees and naysayers along the way who seem to know better about how you should live your life for the Lord than you do. It's called LIFE - this side of the return of Jesus and His perfect reign. Until then, we are stuck (for now) with Trump or Hillary. We are probably getting the choices we deserve. Nonetheless, those are the choices we have. Can a Christian vote for Donald Trump running against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Yes - it may be difficult for some, and we might have to put on our hazmat suit when we go to the voting booth - but yes...a Christian can, and probably should, this go around, vote for Donald Trump. We are voting for some "breathing room" and praying and working for something larger. If we get that breathing room and then simply go on about our "business as usual" thinking that Donald Trump will save us all - then God help us – we will get what we deserve. Let me give you some pragmatic illustrations: If you returned from a month-long vacation only to find your basement infested with rats and raccoon - spreading fleas, rat and raccoon scat, disease, and filth to your home and family, what would you do? You would call someone who had the expertise and intestinal fortitude to rid your home of the horrid infestation - right? What if the only guy within a 1,000 miles of you showed up to do it - but he was loud-mouthed, had been married a couple of times before, and occasionally uttered a vulgarity? Would you tell him to get lost - or would you say "Just get the rats and raccoon out! That's what I hired you for!" Of course, you know what you would do. Trump promises to be the "exterminator." He’s the only guy within a 1,000 miles that has a chance of entering the “basement” of our nation and fumigating the place. That is why the elite, establishment, political hacks and every single one of America's enemies are terrified of him. That’s why the illegals, the Israel haters, the terrorists, the godless, the communists, and the one-worlders hate him. They know what he will do. That’s the kind of guy I want as Commander in Chief at this point in our history. I am not hiring a Sunday School teacher or Pastor. I'm hiring an "exterminator." I would much rather that he also held the qualifications of sainthood that I could hold dear ... but he does not. Alas, none of the Republican candidates who offered themselves in the primary did...not a single one of them. If you wish to take me to task in this matter, I can give you a biblical-shortcoming expose on each candidate. Christians, let me ask you another question. You won't like it - it will make some of you mad - but think... “Who do you work for? Who do you "allow" or "choose" to be your boss, your employer?” Does he/she meet every biblical qualification of a person of Godly character? Do you work for a government agency? Do you work for the public school system? Do you work for private industry? Do you work for a university? Why don't you just refuse to go to work - if your boss doesn't meet your 'standards' of righteousness? You have to have the money - you say? Really? Don't you "trust" God to provide? Why don’t you follow your ‘conscience’ and quit working for and with those ‘ungodly’ people? Why are you compromising in this area of your life - yet when the nation's future and the future of your children and grandchildren are at stake, you all of a sudden have an attack of "conscience?" Do you see the potential hypocrisy? Like I said - life's choices are tough. We live in a fallen world. Our pastors are fallen, our leaders are fallen, our employers are fallen, our presidents are fallen - we are fallen. Some are walking under the blood of Jesus and His forgiveness, and some are not - but all are fallen. We do with what we have - the choices we have - and we trust God with it all. That's all we can do. But to do nothing - is to do something... every time. To tell me that you will not vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton because he doesn't measure up to certain biblical and moral standards tells me: [1] You have never voted in a general election before - because no Presidential candidate before this election has ever measured up to biblical perfection, or has come anywhere near it. Or [2], you have voted for a less than perfect candidate and you are now being blatantly hypocritical in the name of "conscience." I am not voting for a pastor, pope, or priest, I am voting for a U.S. president. I do not think that Donald Trump is the “savior” of America – or anywhere close to it. But, for now, we will have only two real choices. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, or anyone else who is certain to continue Obama’s godless policies. The rest is up to us in the pulpits and pews. Voting your conscience in the primary is one thing, but if Hillary Clinton is in the White House on November 9th because millions of Christians did not want to ‘offend their conscience,’ how can they live with themselves? How will they explain how they enabled the handing over the nation to policies which continued to perpetuate evil at breakneck speed? How can they explain that hypocrisy to their children and grandchildren? How can they explain how they actually had a part in snatching their freedom and future from them and their children? Scripture commands us to engage the culture - to be the salt and light. In America we have been given a gift that those before us could only dream of - the gift of "involvement." We can still make a difference, we can still buy some time, and we can still give our children some freedom. But, only if we engage. Only if we choose. Of course the final analysis is trust and faith in our Lord and His sovereign work in the affairs of men. Rest assured, there will come a time when the world system as we know will be over. Jesus Christ will rule and reign - and then - and only then, will we finally have the perfect King on the throne...
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  1. Thank you! You have convinced me. I can't believe how hypocritical I had become in this matter. Going to the polls. Voting for Trump. Have my hazmat suit!

  2. Psalm 11:3
    Not To Speak Is To Speak. Not To Act Is To Act.
    Not To Vote Is To Vote. Not To Vote For Trump Is To Vote For Evil.

  3. Bravo Bravo!! Well said Pastor Gallups. I have family who thought Cruz was the savior and will not vote Trump in the GE, or so they say. I'll try my best to get them to read this.

  4. I am going to vote Trump. I can't tolerate the alternative. Thanks

  5. Cannot be any clearer, concise, common-sense, and biblical. Daniel in Babylon! That's us. Bet Daniel wished he could vote and campaign for a King - and run for office. If he could - bet he wouldn't "not vote!"