Zev Porat

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

They Built an Islamic Minaret - WHERE?

  You have to admit ... these nighttime shots of Islamic minarets are rather beautiful ...

The Islamic minaret design is fairly standard and universally recognized - although there can be slight variations in the overall structure - but, basically, a minaret is a minaret wherever you might find one around the world - sitting atop or as a part of a Muslim mosque.

Here is another example of slightly different - but unmistakable  - distinguishing characteristics of an Islamic minaret - the Muslim symbol of  a "call to worship." The word minaret means "beacon."

The "minaret" you have been looking at that is the same in each of these pictures is the one that was strategically placed atop ....

The newly constructed World Trade Center Tower in New York City
You know... the one to replace the two towers that were destroyed by Islamic terrorists, mostly from Saudi Arabia. Imagine that.

Do you think someone is trying to send America a message?


  1. Replies
    1. SO WHEN DO CHRISTIANS GET EQUAL SPACE TO PUT UP A CROSS, AND JEWS A STAR OF DAVID ANY ONE ELSE ADD THEIRS? WHEN DID FREEDOM OF REGLION TURN IN TO ONE WORLD RELIGION AND NOT FREEDOMS FOR ALL TO SHARE. As a Christian, put them all up and let everyone compare and decide and where do you think all will choose to go ? our founders must be turning over in their graves? weeping and shaking their heads from heaven for our ignorance to give up our freedoms so easily. Linda Joy Adams

  2. No wonder you never hear much about the "spire" on top of the WTC!!!!