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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Crooked Hil-LIAR-Y Rotten Clinton has no accomplishments, no morality, no conscience, no redeeming qualities, no honor, no wisdom and offers no hope for America. What she does have is a promise to raise taxes for almost every tax payer, spend us in to more national debt, a promise to disarm law-abiding citizens, a promise to keep our borders open and flood America with Muslim terrorists, a growing list of dead bodies, a goal of putting B. Obama in the Supreme Court, a disgust for America and our Constitution, plans to continue to decimate our national defense and our national economy, bring UN forces in to "control" us, a hope to continue to flood our society with sexual perversion of every kind, take our freedom of speech and destroy our Christian churches. This is a short list of her terror planned for America and Americans. 

She is a sociopath. She does have spasm-fits and a record of throwing temper-tantrums when she does not get her way.  There is a trail of dead bodies behind her; too many and too long to be coincidental.  These are not qualities we want for someone who has the nuclear-launch code. It takes two men to help her walk up a few stairs.  This is a short list of her mental, moral and physical deficits. 

She has a TV commercial showing Donald Trump using a curse word in a setting not designed for the ears of young people, as she takes that commercial into the homes of young people during prime time TV.   Hillary does have innuendo.  Innuendo does work well on stupid people.  Hillary knows a large percentage of Americans are stupid.   The question is, are you stupid?

I am sure Donald Trump regrets his use of an off-color word and an off-color statement.  I am equally sure that Hillary does not regret anything she has done to harm America or Americans, and will have no remorse for the greater damage she will do if she is President of the United States.

Do not be stupid.  She is attacking Trump because she has nothing to offer other than more Obama-based change for the worse.  And, by the way, who among us who are not stupid have not been mad enough to curse as we have seen Obama, Hillary, the Democrat Party and Republican Rinos turn America from the greatest country in the world to a world-wide joke.  

Shame on Donald for cursing.  Shame on Hillary for violations against us ten-million times worse.  Everyone knows that Hillary is evil. If you think Donald Trump is evil, then you must vote for the lesser of two evils.  That is what is called a dilemma.  We face them in life all of the time.  Only a few times do we have a perfect option.  If you spend your life allowing the greatest damage to befall you and yours because you will not select the less costly option, then you really are stupid. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
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