Zev Porat

Monday, August 1, 2016

Solution! To Obama's Transgender Bathroom Policy!

IMPORTANT! PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN NOW! Pastor Carl Gallups has drafted a "NOTICE OF COMPLIANCE LETTER" for your use, modification, etc. concerning the Public School System and the new Obama transgender policies. Since the transgender bathroom directives are federal directives, this letter can be modified for ANY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM in the NATION. You can download the GENERIC letter HERE: www.carlgallups.com/noticeofcompliancelettergeneric.docx. Download the official Title IX Transgender policy letter from Obama HERE: www.carlgallups.com/dcl.pdf You might consider sending this letter, and/or the download link, to EVERYONE you know - anywhere in the nation - who have children in the Public School Systems. This matter is a dire one - it goes directly to the sexual protection of your (non-transgendered) child while in the custody of the Public School system. This situation has been thoroughly researched by pastor Gallups, including a lengthy meeting with school officials - and a 2-hour teaching session pastor Gallups recently conducted on TITLE IX and the recent Transgender DCL.

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