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Thursday, November 10, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins.

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The Republican Party lost its way a long time ago. Hopefully, the election of Donald Trump will help bring them back to a place of sanity. Time will tell.

The congressional Republican party still has a large number of Rino Republicans that Donald Trump has to try to work with. In addition, the amount of work to be done is overwhelming. Donald Trump has just completed a gruesome one-and-one half year campaign. Nearly everyone tried to destroy him. Just because he is the President-elect does not mean his enemies will cease their onslaught of attacks against him. They will not.

If you voted for Donald Trump it is of paramount importance that you give him some breathing room, some time to collect his thoughts and regain his energy. If we really want to help Donald Trump be the very best President, the way to do that is to start every morning and end every day with prayer for him. 

He has an enormous task ahead of him and the last thing he needs is for those of us who voted for him to attack him.   There are two things to consider. First, he has never been a politician before and he will make some mistakes. Second, he was a Democrat and now he is a Republican. He is not going to do everything a Reagan Republican would do. You will not like some of the things he does. Allow him and his team some time to make a few mistakes and to recover from those mistakes without attacking him or his team every time he does something you think he ought not do and/or every time he does not do something you think he should do.

Donald Trump left his comfort zone in order to serve us.   Give him some space and time to learn how to lead and serve well -- and do not make him wish he never entered the race for President of the United States because of the way those who voted for him treat him.

The left will continue to bombard him with everything they can to destroy him. Do not join them and pile on him. My mother's favorite saying was, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Now is not the time to be critical of Donald Trump. For the next year, if you can't say something nice about Donald Trump then keep your mouth shut.  Have some patience, be tolerant and do not act like the spoiled democrats who yell and scream every time they do not get their way.  Face it early and adjust yourself to the reality that Donald Trump will not do everything you want him to do nor will do all that he does the way you want it done.  However, on his worst day he will do ten times better than Hillary Clinton would have done on her best day. That is good enough for me. That better be good enough for us all because "a house divided cannot stand" according to the wisest person in the world.  

If you take pot-shots at Donald Trump for any reason, you are tearing down your own house. Don't. 

There will be a couple of days to a week of each side making mostly insincere overtures of mutual respect and hollow commitments to get along and work together for the greater good.  It is all show and part of the game.  In a few days, all of that will blow over because the truth is that light cannot co-exist with darkness, right cannot coexist with wrong, good cannot co-exist with evil and people who have dramatically different ideals and goals cannot walk the same path hand-in-hand.  Veiled in the Clinton leaders/followers speech we can already hear the accusations that if you want to get along with us, you will have to do it our way.  A gracious winner allows the loser time to lick their wounds, huff and puff for a while and usually makes a few insincere gestures of compromise in the same spirit as the loser makes insincere gestures of being willing to give the winner the benefit of the doubt. All of that is smoke and mirrors. Don't believe a word of it. Just ignore it. 

When the dust settles in a few days and things return to the normal antagonism that exists between good and evil, everything will return to all out battle.  I am suggesting that the Trump-team (you and me), not be part of those who attack Donald Trump as these political games take their course.  It starts with a mutual chorus of "can't we all get along" and ends with the obvious answer of no. In between, are the democrats screaming "compromise" which is code for "do it our way or else" and Donald Trump making token gestures to compromise as he picks and chooses the things he will go forward on without compromising the right for the evil left.  

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Relax.  Be good. Remain positive.  Don't take seriously anything that Donald Trump says or does that might seem odd or anti-your goals for America in the next week or two.  It is just politics.  He is new at it. Give him some time. He is getting better and better at it, but do not join the other side and attack Donald Trump.  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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  1. This is great. I have an intimate group of about 15,000 to share it with.