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Monday, November 7, 2016


Information about HiLIARy is coming out fast and furious the day before the election does not give a lot of time to research, however, it is important to know that the claim that partial birth abortion, globalism, the UN on American soil, the attack against the Constitution, the destruction of the private health care system (Obamacare), the charge that Obama was lying when he said "if you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor" and a host of other realities were once touted at nothing more than conspiracy theories.  Today's conspiracy theories have been proven to be tomorrow's headline news.  

Why has WikiLeaks waited this long to bring out this information?

1.  It does not give HiLIARy time to create effective lies to counter the facts, thus the damage to her campaign is greater. 
2.  It does not give Obama time to pardon her before the election. If there is no time to try her before the election, she cannot be pardoned before the election. 
3.  It keeps America focused on the upcoming news.

I imagine these are some of the reasons for the delay and reasons make more sense than others. 

Anyway, the current news (none of it new, but all of it reemphasized and better documented) is that HiLIARy is involved in Satanic worship and pedophilia.  Some may find these charges hard to accept. However, everyone has to accept this: 

1.  HiLIARy does approve of, promote and rejoice at the severing of the brain from the body of babies as they exit the womb and the selling of baby body parts for profit.  Can anyone be much more demonic that this?
2.  Overwhelming evidence supports the charge that HiLIARy has killed or had killed a lot of political enemies.
3.  She did go out of her way to let four men die horrible deaths in Benghazi and seems to have no remorse.
4.  She is supportive of Islam which is, by every rational analysis, demonic.  She claims we need to empathize with Islam.  
5.  She does support open borders which all logic tells us will bring terror to our land, diseases among us as well as financial disaster.
6.  She was active in promoting Arab Spring which gave birth to ISIS and her administration as Secretary of State is linked to supplying weapons to ISIS.
7.  She is on record stating that Christians are going to have to change their biblical convictions.
8.  She was supportive of Obama's actions that made IRAN a nuclear threat to the world. 
9.  She is a pathological liar and completely untrustworthy.

Everything we know of HiLIARy points to pure evil.  Can anyone be shocked that she is a friend of Satan?  Not me. 

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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