Zev Porat

Thursday, November 24, 2016

News conference called on Obama's birth certificate

With President-elect Donald Trump widely expected to turn back many of President Obama's progressive executive actions and legislation, a shadow from the past has reappeared that may also impact Obama's legacy: his birth certificate. WND has learned that a news conference has been scheduled for Dec. 15 to make public the final conclusions of the investigation…


  1. A nation that does not enforce the Rule Of Law is no nation at all.
    Drain the washington district of corruption swamp now.
    Restore and enforce The Contract/Constitution.
    Articles of Impeachment drafted for complicit congress since they refuse to do it. See the Articles at www.soarproject.us.

  2. The Republicans are responsible for turning a blind eye to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. But after all, they exempt themselves from being subject to the legislation they pass, so it's really no big deal to them. They should hang their heads in shame, but they're shameless, so we won't look for an apology anytime, ever.

  3. If you use forged federal documents in the USA, you should be prosecuted. I hope that Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo get a chance to present their findings and that someone actually listens. The best end to the Obama administration would be to expose the fraudulent usurper for what he is.