Zev Porat

Monday, November 7, 2016

STOP THE EVIL! Here's YOUR chance!

'Voting is a primary way for Christians to stop evil'

Pastors Jeffress and Gallups speak out before election!
Watch Pastor Carl Gallups on TV appearance ...
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter) It's a question which could decide the 2016 election: Will evangelical Christians turn out for Trump? Well known evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress is issuing a call to arms for believers to storm the polls and support Donald Trump. He contends Christians should not use their conscience as a reason…

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  1. Heads up! When Trump takes over the white house , Its has to be re- claimed again for God! Evil has resided there a long time. We need some pastors working together and praying and asking God to bless that ground and cast out that spirit of perversion, lies and deception, death and confusion and to ask for the spirit of peace to come. May God come and anoint the ground and atmosphere  of the white house once again.  America ! please pray and agree!  amen! if you agree please forward this note to all your contacts. One nation under god again!