Zev Porat

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Press Release - Arpaio/Zullo Obama Fraud Case is NOT joined to Taitz Litigation Attempts


For immediate release.
It has come to our attention that there are a number of petitions being circulated via email indicating a potential joint venture of various prominent attorneys with Orly Taitz. This is being done, supposedly, in an effort to prosecute Nancy Pelosi and Barry Soetoro.
Sheriff Arpaio and investigators Mike Zullo would like to make it abundantly clear that they have not been informed of any such proceeding and categorically will not participate in any form of litigation championed by or involving Ms. Orly Taitz. Mike Zullo also wants to make it clear that he will not release his work product or any other documentation secured by him at his own expense to any civil litigation process. There is a legitimate plan unfolding legally designed to bring this information to the proper venues and we will keep you fully apprised of the matter and when and how we are moving forward.

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  1. Joined or not joined it makes no difference. Anybody, U.S. Citizen or not, that has a Brain knows the birth certificate is a fake and has known since the day after it was put on line. People of Socialism and Communism have no conscious and will Lie and Cheat to accomplish their goals. I pray President Elect Trump does what is RIGHT and turns this Country around. That is my Christmas Prayer.