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Friday, December 30, 2016

So What If Obama's Birth Certificate is Fake!

by Rev. Joda Collins. Recommended for mature readers only.

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Even if Obama's birth certificate is a forgery, his rule as King Obama of the USA is about over, so what difference does it make? That is a fair question. It is not a smart question nor one that shows basic intuitive ability or even an elementary understanding of life, history or reality. However, for those who lack the rudimentary analytical skills of a typical sixth grader, the question is fair. In case you are concerned that my approach might turn off Democrats, do not be concerned. Democrats do not read my articles! I write articles like this tongue-in-cheek towards Democrats (and all other infantile people, regardless of title) to help normal people focus better on issues. You cannot turn a pig into a princess, a slug into a $100 bill, or a Democrat into a rational and moral individual. I know God can. I cannot. I no longer try. To answer that question I will pose several other questions. Any person who can answer any of the following questions can apply that answer to the question of the current relevance of the fraudulent Obama birth certificate. 1. The Holocaust is over. Why deal with it in now? If you are under 20 and educated in America's public school system, you can skip this question because you probably do not know what the Holocaust was. 2. The person you love the most was just shot to death (murdered). You and everyone else knows who killed him or her. However, your loved one is already dead. So, what difference does it make? 3. You are serving an eight year prison sentence for a crime you did not commit. Your eight year sentence ends on January 20, 2017. Evidence has just come to light that proves conclusively you are innocent. The justice system tells you that you will still have to stay in prison until January 20, 2017, and nothing will be done about your illegal incarceration because it does not really make any difference. What is your reaction? 4. Your identity was stolen yesterday and your entire life's saving withdrawn from your bank. You are now penniless. However, the deed is done and your money is gone. So, what difference does it make?

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5. Your daughter is being gang raped by eight men who broke into your house. The police arrive, bust into your home and learn that the last man is in the process of the rape. The police tell you that because seven are finished and number eight is about finished, there is no reason to do anything about the situation now. They try to calm you with the words, "What difference does it make at this time?" What is your response?
Apply your answer to every question above to this question. The Presidency of Obama is almost over so what difference does it make if his birth certificate is a forgery (a serious crime on several levels) and he may not have even been constitutionally-qualified to be President of the USA in the first place? Now, you know! Do you find #5 particularly offensive to your senses? Good. Now you know how every American patriot has felt for almost eight consecutive years. It is not a good feeling, is it? Now you know why Trump won the election.

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 Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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  1. It ain't rape unless you fight!
    Toleration Is Compromise - Ignorance Is Complicity - Inaction Is Approval
    IMPEACH, CONVICT, INCARCERATE soetoro/obama et al complicits