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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


by Rev. Joda Collins

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If Jesus was never born, there would be no eternal heaven or eternal hell for human beings. There would be no joy on Earth. There would be no overriding reason for most people to be decent.  Because of these realities, there would never have been an Adam or Eve, therefore, no human race. 

God is just.  Each of us inherited our sin nature. It is impossible for any mere human being to live a sinless life.  Since God is just, it does not make sense that he would create a hell for every human being to endure eternal torment because of our sin, without providing some way of escape. That way of escape begins with the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. If there was no virgin birth of the Son of God, then there can be no hell for any human being. 

God is holy.  Without the sinless life of Christ and his perfect offering on the Cross there can be no salvation.  Heaven is a perfect place.  Those who do not have their sins covered by the rich, royal blood offering of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot go to heaven because of human imperfection. If there was no Christmas, there is no cross. Without the cross of Christ there is no salvation and no human being goes to heaven. 

If there is human life,but no heaven, the Apostle Paul states that we are miserable men.  1 Corinthians 15:19.  While fleeting moments of temporary happiness might visit us, there can be no overriding joy if there is no heavenly existence after this life.  Men, without the hope of heaven or the threat of hell would live like animals. The world would be in constant misery with no overriding reason for mankind to be decent. 

With no heaven, no hell, no joy, no hope and no motivation for mankind to live decent moral lives, there is no motivation for God to create mankind. Therefore, if there was no Christmas, there would be no you, me or any other human being, ever.  

"From one person God created every human being...on the whole earth....In God we live, move,and exist."  Acts 17:26 and 28. Do you see the subtle truth here.  In God every person, lost and saved, lives, moves and exists.  If there is no Christmas, then there is no reason for mankind to exist.  We exist because God wants our existence.  If God did not what our existence, we would not exist. If the future of all mankind is overriding hopelessness and eternal nothingness what purpose would mankind serve?  None. Therefore, God would not have created man.  Nor would he have created animals because animals are created for man.  Nor would God have created the universe because the universe declares the glory of God as evidence of God's existence to mankind. 

No Christmas.  No existence of mankind.  No me, no you.  Nobody.  Ever!   Every person owes his or very existence to the physical birth of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

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