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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why the MSM doesn't (CAN'T) report the Arpaio/Zullo Obama Fraud Revelations

Carl Gallups says: Have you noticed the complete silence of the MSM on the Arpaio/Zullo revelations of Obama's proven forged birth document? There is a reason for their silence...they don't know what to say! The evidence is so obvious. It is astoundingly clear. It is undeniably, professionally, expertly, and impeccably proven - Obama is a fraud and the MSM has been complicit for 8 long years in the cover up. So has the DOJ, the FBI, Congress, and the federal courts. The MSM can't report it - because they cannot refute it! To do so would mean they would have to call a 25-year Sheriff (with a total of 50+ years in federal and state law enforcement experience) and his top investigator -"liars". And then they would have to dispute the reports of two separate and internationally renowned expert document examination entities (each used to train law enforcement and to testify in court as experts). Additionally, they would then have to refute what people can plainly see with their own eyes in the Press Conference - videos that actually show the forging techniques of the document and exactly how it was done. They simply can't do all of that with any shred of credibility. They are between the proverbial "rock and a hard place." They are the real "fake news" - plain and simple...and this case proves it once and for all. This is why they have run no "news stories" on the matter attempting to "dispute" the findings. They either ignore the story completely - or they mention it without mentioning one iota of the evidence that was presented. Again - they have to report it this way. They look like complete idiots otherwise. This story is far from over. Can anyone say 1/21/17? Hang on - the best is yet to come. We've waited 5 years - we can wait another few months. Pray.
See the archives of ALL the evidence and story here: www.carlgallups.com/obamafraud.html

3 minute video of indisputable visual evidence of Obama BC fraud ...

3-minute video of this article ...

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