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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


by Rev. Joda Collins

President Obama's claim that the Russians hacked the presidential election causing the election to go to Trump rather than Hillary has sparked questions.  In recent days, equal evidence has surfaced pointing to the Muslim members of the Obama administration, with the approval of Obama, hacking the presidential election with the expressed goal of later blaming the Russians.

Speculation for the Obama hacking and lying range from:

1.  The actions of an unstable man.
2.  A deliberate attempt to cause war between the USA and Russian in order to use that war as justification not to vacate the White House when Obama's term is up.
3.  Obama's continued attempts to destabilize America to foster an easier take over of Islamic warriors.
4.  An attempt to make the transition of leadership from Obama to Trump as difficult as possible for President Trump.
5. An attempt to prop up Obama's legacy by leaving office with a strained relationship with Putin and Obama charging that Trump somehow cause that disruption with the hopes that history will forget the details.
6. Childish spite.
7.  A natural action from someone who hates America and Americans.
8.  Obama cannot bring himself to admit that in spite of the illegal's voting, the multiple votes of some democrats, the hidden (lost) Republican votes and the Democrat voting of dead people, that Hillary still lost the election.  Therefore, like any mentally defective person he prefers the comfort of an obvious lie to facing the painful truth.  

In this writer's opinion that all of the above apply.

What real (verifiable) evidence is there that Obama hacked the election process?   Actually, none. However, none is exactly the real evidence that Russia did.  Therefore, equal evidence suggests that Obama did it.  In light of the fact that Obama said (immediately after Trump suggested Democrats cheat during elections) it was impossible to hack our election process and in light of the fact that Obama said "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" and that is just one of his many, many lies, the preponderance of evidence is that of the two, Obama and Putin, it is more likely that Obama lied.  All evidence of the last eight years points to the fact that Obama is a pathological liar.  So, in reality there is more reason to believe that Obama lied about Russia hacking the election than there is to believe that Russia did so.  

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.

Eighteen Obama scandals and all of them includes him lying:

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