Zev Porat

Friday, March 10, 2017

Obama's Fake Kenya BC Created Using Same Method as Fake Hawaii BC

According to Snopes the Obama KENYA BC is a known forgery AND THEY HAVE THE ORIGINAL TEMPLATE USED TO CREATE IT! That document was created the exact same way the Hawaii fake BC was forged!

Within a few days the certificate was clearly revealed to be a fake — it was actually a forgery based on a copy of an Australian Registration of Birth issued to one David Jeffrey Bomford (who was born in South Australia in 1959) which was grabbed off the Internet and used as a template for creating the fake Kenyan certificate:


A Certified Registration of Birth issued in Kenya that supposedly documents Barack Obama's birth in that country is a fake.

The exact same evidence was discovered by the MCSO Cold Case Posse along with the discovery of the original template used by forgers to create Obama's fake Hawaii Birth Certificate.


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