Zev Porat

Friday, May 26, 2017


The head of a private investigative team in Washington, D.C., trying to solve the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich insists that officials with the Metropolitan Police Department – in collusion with the mayor – are withholding key evidence from the public and obstructing the investigation for political purposes.

With so many people privately investigating this story it has become like a centipede with 100 legs. You can stop one or several legs, but the other legs keep on moving forward to find out who killed Seth Rich. 

Judicial Watch is now involved and is famous for getting Freedom of Information documents out that answer important questions the public needs to know.

Why did police stop their investigation?

Why are the DC police and Mayor allegedly colluding to stop the investigation from moving forward?

Where is Seth Rich's computer that allegedly contains evidence about contact with WikiLeaks?

Who murdered him?   WHY?

Is there any connection between the murder of Seth Rich and the shooting of Miriam Carey involving the Obama White House and Secret Service that the Washington Police also covered up without a full investigation report?

These questions and many more are making the Seth Rich murder case become louder and louder because people sense another cover up and a serious attempt to make the story go away.  In the event it is proven that Seth Rich was the leak source to Wiki--Leaks, then the entire Democratic claim about blaming Russian collusion with Trump goes away as FALSE. 

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