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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


by Rev. Joda Collins

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Let me be sure I have this right.  The Democrats and RINO Republicans are upset because Crooked Hillary and Slimeball Obama said the Russians were somehow involved in the election of Donald Trump.  The somehow is not clarified beyond innuendo.   There is no evidence that Russia or any Russians were involved other than a Russian might have stated his or her preference for who they wanted as the US President or someone who is pro-Trump said hello to a Russian. For whatever reasons, the Democrats and the RINO's think doing such things are crimes.  

The Democrats and RINO's believe in open borders, that everyone is a legal citizen of the USA and desire a one-world government. Democrats and RINO's reject the Constitution of the USA and our Bill of Rights unless they happen to hear a Republican or an Independent say something that comes from those documents that they (Democrats and/or RINO's) can use to further their left-wing agenda.  (Those documents are written in cursive and we sympathize with Democrats and RINO's and their struggle to read them.)  Democrats reject the sovereignty of the United States of America.  (For Democrats, RINO's and their children, "sovereignty" means "the right to govern without outside interference."  It does not mean outsiders cannot have an opinion.)   

However, in protest of the left-wing rumor that someone from Russia might have preferred Donald Trump to Crooked, DemocRATS and RINO's, who favor of a one-world government, pretend to be upset because that rumor insinuates someone might have imposed on the sovereignty of the United States; a sovereignty they detest.  DemocRAT, RINO, liar, childish, stupid and hypocrite are synonyms.   

With the Internet, the Obama-Muslim influence expanded and expanding in America, ISIS training camps under US protection within our borders, the IRAN-Obama threat of nuclear war and -- fill in the blank, this is a shrinking world.  What one nation does is now more closely and more directly linked to the well-being of other nations.  If we thought someone as mentally-unbalanced as Hillary was in line to be the leader of Russia, the sane among us would do what we could to stop that from happening.

If Russians in America voted for Donald Trump, if someone in Russia said he or she preferred Donald Trump to Hillary as President of the USA and/or if a Russian convinced some American's to vote for Trump, thank God for Russians.   

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Rev. Joda Collins
I make no claim that anyone else agrees with me.


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