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Saturday, July 1, 2017


WND EXCLUSIVE (Carl Gallups interviewed)
'There's an absolute, fundamental need for human beings to believe in something'

An intelligence so capable it can perceive every cause and effect. The promise of eternal life. The dawn of a new age in which suffering will be eliminated, every need will be met and the individual will find fulfillment by subordinating himself to something far greater than himself.
These are the promises of most great faiths. The capacity to understand and predict everything that could possibly occur is a characteristic most would ascribe to God.
Around the world, heavily funded by billionaire philanthropists, researchers are probing whether aging can be curbed or even prevented, just like any other disease....
But today, this rhetoric surrounds an ostensibly scientific and secular movement. Transhumanism, the attempt to overcome the body’s limitations through technology, and the hunt for artificial intelligence are promoted with evangelistic language.
“From the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelation we watch the story unfold, and the prediction that humankind would eventually, near the return of Jesus Christ, accept the very same lies that started in the Garden,” the pastor explained.
Pastor Carl Gallups, who examines current headlines in the light of end times prophecy in his book“When The Lion Roars,” argues the reason transhumanism so closely resembles a religion is because it was predicted in the Bible itself.
“Those lies can be summarized as: Man can be ‘God-like,’ man can live forever without obeying God’s morality code, and therefore man can create ‘God,’ ‘life’ and ‘morality’ in his own image, rather than the other way around. This is exactly what the transhumanists imagine themselves doing. Thus they are in a constant dilemma of trying to explain exactly what it is they are up to without falling into biblical language and imagery. If this scenario wasn’t so clearly predicted thousands of years ago, complete with the somber results that are soon to come, it would almost be comical.”

Gallups warned transhumanists are pursuing something the Bible warned about in the last days.

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