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Saturday, September 23, 2017

'End Times' to Start in October, Author Says - Carl Gallups Responds

With rumors swirling that September 23rd will see the world come to an end, one of the people often cited for the claim is trying to clear up confusion surrounding the prediction. Despite believing that apocalyptic events are soon due to unfold, astronomer and author David Meade says that we are almost certainly going to survive the weekend. However, he cautions, the planet is not out of danger as the long-feared 'end times' will actually start in October. Learn more.



SEPTEMBER 23rd Rapture Prophecy Debacle ...
As the PNN and CGM audience knows, we have been warning the church that all the false prophecies about 9-23-17 being the day of the rapture were just that - FALSE.
We have done this with a number of radio programs, national interviews, videos, and blog posts doing deep word studies of Revelation 12, as well as posting a scientific report from a professional astronomer who basically said the "prophecy" had tons of astronomy "fudging" and was absolutely incorrect.
I have tried to be as gracious as possible in this very important theological matter. I have not attacked anyone, nor have I "called names" in the bulk of what I have said, written, and produced. I have stayed only with the facts of the matter, in my attempt to warn the body of Christ.
I predicted, many times, that those who were the worst offenders (all over FB and Youtube with huge followings) had so much to lose that they would be "changing the message" when their prophecy failed.
One such person, David Meade, did exactly that. His original "prophecy" and his last minute change were reported on Drudge and Fox News - so there's no denying it.
======== HERE IS DAVID MEADE'S REPORT =========
David Meade, who claimed the world is ending Saturday when a mysterious planet collides with Earth, is now backtracking on the calamitous claim.
Meade said the world won't end on Sept. 23 after all, but instead Saturday will only mark the beginning of a series of catastrophic events to occur over several weeks.
"The world is not ending, but the world as we know it is ending," he told the Washington Post. "A major part of the world will not be the same the beginning of October."

Another person with a huge following in the Sept. 23 rapture saga is Scottie Clarke. Scottie claimed, for the longest, that the 23rd was in fact the day of the rapture. Later he was toning that message down to "something big" will happen (just as I predicted he would). HOWEVER, just a few days ago, on one of Scottie's videos, he posted a response that defended his "date setting."
In that post, Scottie was corresponding with a guy named Trey who had challenged Scottie with Jesus' words about not "knowing the day or hour." Scottie's response was that Jesus' words were "reversed" by Revelation and that John was GIVEN A DATE in Revelation 12. Read Scottie's very recent words for yourself:
Scott Clarke
43 minutes ago
Trey, Mark 13:32 was perfectly reversed in Revelation 1:1. This is how the end times information went from the Father to the Son to an angel to John. Then John saw a date in the stars (Revelation 12:1-2). That is the entire point! "No one knows but the Father" is not true anymore. John knows now and he wrote the book for us.
Scottie's video under which the post appeared ...
I am not attempting to be disparaging towards Meade or Clarke. I am not questioning their faith, salvation, or love for the Lord. I don't know either of them well enough to make such assessments.
I have never met David Meade, but I have met and spoken to Scottie Clarke only recently. He seemed to be a very nice young man, but, in my opinion, was not very grounded in the contextual, exegetical interpretation of God's Word, especially regarding the true context of Revelation 12.
Suffice it to say - Revelation 12 is NOT about a rapture date, or a setting a date for ANY event. It is a declaration of why Satan hates Israel and the church so much and Satan's ultimate plan to rule the world through the Antichrist of Rev. 13. Rev. 12 sets up the narrative for Rev. 13 - plain and simple.
I pray you find this information to be useful to share with others. We are praying for all who were led astray in this Sept. 23 debacle. I pray they will continue to keep their eyes on Jesus. The timing of the rapture is not important. What IS important is that we faithfully ADVANCE THE KINGDOM OF JESUS in these unprecedented prophetic times in which we are now living!
May God bless you and keep you - ALWAYS!

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