Zev Porat

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Aaron Hernandez was gay - Devastated by Loss of Father at Age 16

Aaron Hernandez was gay -- according to several people close to him ... and his private struggle with his sexuality caused him great emotional pain that may have turned him violent. 

Aaron Josef Hernandez was born in Bristol, Connecticut, the son of Dennis Hernandez, of Puerto Rican descent; and Terri Valentine-Hernandez, of Italian descent. He had a brother Dennis, Jr., known as D.J. Their father Dennis died in January 2006 from complications from hernia surgery, when Aaron Hernandez was 16. According to Hernandez's mother, his father's death greatly affected their son; he acted out his grief by rebelling against authority figures.

Dan Savage ABANDONED by his dad and the family priest was 'GAY!' - Fits 'Gay Recipe' theory!

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