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Friday, June 22, 2018

An Open Letter to Baron Trump

An Open Letter to Baron Trump

From: Chris Farrell
June 22, MMXVIII

Dear Baron Trump, Hi. My name is Chris Farrell and I hope that you'll read this.

      Peter Fonda is a delusional Liberal-fascist, Progressive-socialist who views the unfolding of history through an alternative reality creating theatrical lens. He's a lunatic.

     The last time that we heard of Hanoi Jane's brother Peter he had, from the Cannes Film Festival, threatened to shoot then criminal usurper of the office of POTUS Barry Obama with a high powered rifle and to train his children to do the same if need be.

    Fonda's assassination threat was a scripted theatrical device intended to enflame Black people in America along with religiously devoted Obama zealots of every other level of melanin in their skin in order to instigate violence. 

    Fonda's main objective has always been to pour fuel onto the fire that is the same divisive agenda that the Manchurian Muslim from Mombasa, Barack Hussein, advanced during his criminal usurpations of the office of POTUS.

   I would be surprised if the instructions for Fonda to make the assassination threat against Obama did not come right from Obama's camp.

   Now we have more of the same inflammatory speech coming from the pathetic Fascist Liberal Peter Fonda in the news with a two pronged strategy being employed with which Fonda is attempting to on the one prong enrage delusional Liberal-fascists like himself with the perpetuation of the fabricated narratives surrounding the separation of children who have illegally entered the U.S.A. from their parents, (though 80% of children illegally entering the United States come along with parents!), while at the same time on the other prong of his theatrically orchestrated strategy enrage the Christian Conservative body politic that elected your father president with his vicious suggestion to brutalize President Trump's youngest son--you.

    On both prongs of his strategy Fonda hopes to achieve the planting of seeds of dissension and the widening of the division between the Constitution respecting Right who elected your dad and the 'Nations without borders' nut-jobs like himself who strive to de-legitimize the Constitution and to divest it of its' authority as the law.
     Civil strife is Fonda's ultimate objective. 

    You see Baron, America is either a nation under the rule of law--'One Nation Under God'--or a conglomeration of disparate 'Communities' under the rule of men like Fonda who believe themselves to be the law unto themselves--gods unto themselves!-- and believe that they have an enigmatic authority as if they are gods to dictate unto the rest of society--mere mortals from their perspective like you and me--what is morally right or what is good, and what is morally wrong, that is to say evil. 

   The supremacist self-righteousness demonstrated by worms like Peter Fonda goes all the way back to the Garden. I trust your dad will read those Verses in the Book of Genesis to you. Peter Fonda would play the serpent if the Chapter to which I refer were to be staged with him in it. That's called 'type-casting.'

   Your father has taken an oath to defend the Constitution an unlike many presidents before him he clearly, along with our great Vice-President Pence, intends to honor his oath to defend ALL of the Constitution (including the Article II natural born citizen clause), AND THAT'S WHY THEY HATE HIM.

     In 'A Letter Concerning Toleration' John Locke wrote, "Neighbourhood joins some and religion others. But there is only one thing which gathers people into seditious commotions, and that is oppression."

      Peter Fonda understands that the 'oppression' of which Locke wrote necessary to 'gather people into seditious commotions,' or civil unrest, need not be real but simply needs be perceived as such. 

    The anarchist Fonda's intent now in making his vicous attack on you, Baron,  is to theatrically manufacture a perception of little children being oppressed in order to achieve his objective of igniting 'seditious commotions,' or civil unrest and to enrage even rational minded Christian Conservatives to the point where they react emotionally to his vile suggestions of brutalizing you and too engage in 'seditious commotions' against the delusional lunatics like himself on the Left.

     Peter Fonda is effectively screaming 'Fire!' in a theater and hoping to incite both the rational and irrational to engage in battle. 

     Saul Alinsky would be proud of Mr. Fonda's scripted performance. Familiarize yourself with Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' Baron. You'll do well to know our enemy well. Also, read 'The Law--A Blueprint for a Just Society' by a guy named Bastiat.

      But Fonda is in thruth nothing more than a modern day court jester--a clown--who is following Saul Alinksy's stage direction with the objective of delivering well-timed incendiary remarks that instigate violence.

      Fonda attempted to stir up civil unrest when he threatened to shoot the 'Empty Chair' Obama and he's doing it now by sinking to unfathomable depths of moral depravity in his attacks on the president's cool son--you. Fonda's also hoping to unnerve your dad by making his sick remarks, but you know that that's not going to work.

      Fonda effortlessly plays a spineless character on the stage of human history because he is one--a spineless worm-- but he understands one theatrical reality: Timing is everything.

     The Liberal-fascist Main Stream Progressive-socialist propagandists who profess themselves to be America's Free Press promote Peter Fonda's performances as "news" but it's all Fake News scripted by a has-been actor who is desperate for attention.

      The more I think about it I'm inclined to beleive that the writing on the back of America's First Lady, your Mom, Melania Trump's overcoat that created such a storm in the news cycle was most probably her billboarding her wonderful son Baron's--I mean your--response to Peter Fonda!

 I'm thinking our magnificent First Lady could just as easily have put the writing 'I REALLY DON'T CARE WHAT THAT IDIOT PETER FONDA HAS TO SAY. DO U?' on the back of her jacket in quotations and signed it with your name!

 For the record: Baron Trump, 'We the People' of the United States of America love you! And Peter Fonda is an A-hole.

Sincerely, Your fellow American and humble servant in the risen Lord Jesus of the Bible, Christopher T. Farrell, (a.k.a. Legionnaire du 1er Classe James Foster..., but that's another story!) :)

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