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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

KAVANAUGH WON'T BE CONFIRMED--In This Journalist's Opinion. By Chris Farrell July 10, 2018 NOLA--U.S.A.

Kavanaugh is a Red Herring. His nomination is nothing but a diversionary tactic. 

Long time friend of President Trump Roger Stone calls Kavanaugh a "DEEP STATE CANDIDATE." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuxXSh6VKn8
Kavanaugh is being intentionally thrown to the wolves and will never be confirmed.

President Trump does not want Kavanaugh to be confirmed. 'The Donald' knows Kavanaugh won't be confirmed so he is throwing him to the Liberal-fascist wolves first to let the Leftists exasperate themselves with the protesting that they have been chomping at the bit to commence with.

President Trump may even throw one more intended to fail nominee to the Liberal-fascist Progressive Socialist wolves.

President Trump wants the Liberal-fascist Progressive Socialists to show their hand for the American people to see; to show exactly what kind of obstructionists to Making America Great Again they really are and he wants them to burn themselves out in the media cycle to the point where when he nominates the candidate for SCOTUS who he really does want to be confirmed the American audience to all the FAKE NEWS propagandists will quite simply be tired of the issue and the Democrats along with their Liberal-fascist cohorts in the Republican party like Paul Ryan and John McCain will simply not be able to arouse any more resistance to President Trump's nominee.

Timing is everything with Donald Trump.

I would bet money that Newt Gingrich is the strategist who designed this strategy to get the right person on the Supreme Court.

It's 'The Art of the Deal.'

This way President Trump wins by forcing the Liberal-fascist, Progressive Socialists into revealing their true nature as obstructionists which will cause them to lose votes in the November elections.

And President Trump wins by getting the person he wanted to have seated on the Supreme Court all along confirmed for the likelihood of a conservative president getting the second person he nominates to SCOTUS or the third confirmed is far more probable than the first person he nominates.

WINNING is 'The Art of the Deal.'

My guess is that the person President Trump truly wants to be seated on the Supreme Court is not among the final four that have been reported on in the news.

That's just President Trump winning against a Fake News media that is chomping at the bit to commence with their smear campaign against any person nominated by him by denying those Fascist Propagandists an avenue of approach to their would-be target.

President Trump went to military prep. school and nobody yet has figured out that this successful businessman is in truth--in reality--a soldier at heart. He thinks like a general and strategizes like an admiral.

Thanks be to God for President Donald J. Trump and Vice-president Mike Pence.

The following article is by me, Chris Farrell
I wrote it on June 30, 2018 here in New Orleans--U.S.A.

In an article headlined 'The Judge Trump Must Not Pick for SCOTUS' published at wnd.com yesterday, June 29, 2018, intended to warn 'We the People' of an apparently conservative judge--one Brett Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit who may well be among those who president Trump is considering for his nominee to the Supreme Court--not being so very conservative at all.

Atty. Larry Klayman expounds upon his experience in a case in which the honorable Judge Kavanaugh was to become involved and writes that "In a case I successfully brought against the Obama deep state intelligence agencies styled Klayman v. Obama and the NSA, we at Freedom Watch obtained two preliminary injunctions ordering the cessation of what judge Richard Leon called out as 'almost Orwellian' mass surveillance.

This illegal and unconstitutional mass surveillance against hundreds of millions of American citizens had initially been revealed by Edward Snowden and later whistleblowers I had represented. Judge Leon's rulings were not just landmark decisions, finding that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution had been violated with unreasonable wholesale searches and seizures of cellphone records, but they provoked legislation intended to prevent provoked legislation intended to prevent this government tyranny from occurring again. The new law was called the USA Freedom Act.

As a result, when Judge Leon's orders were appealed by the Obama Justice Department, the D.C. Circuit, ruling though a panel of three judges, vacated his orders, feeling that the new law remedied this unlawfulness. I then appealed this to the full en banc panel of nine judges and asked them to reverse the ruling of the three-judge panel, as it was clear to me that the deep state's unconstitutional conduct would continue – which it has to this day. I argued that the preliminary injunctions should stay in place as a protection to the populace.

The nine-judge en banc panel, comprised of mostly leftist and government establishment jurists, did not grant my request, without a written opinion. However, Judge Kavanaugh, without solid procedural basis, gratuitously wrote one in which he grandstanded and pandered to the deep state intelligence agency establishment, validating this "almost Orwellian" mass surveillance."

We who support President Trump 110% and celebrate the opportunity that has--Thanks be to God!--arisen wherein President Trump shall nominate yet another conservative individual to sit on the bench of the Supreme Court must, if we are not to be back-stabbed in the future by a conservative-in-name-only deep-state panderer concur with the learned opinion of Atty. Larry Klayman.

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