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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pastor Carl Gallups Makes a Passionate Plea

Someone please raise the SOS flag. We are sinking fast!

Our nation is in a state of emergency. We are on the cusp of loosing our constitutional republic and the mainstream media either doesn't care and/or is complicit. But, as it seems, Congress, the Supreme Court and the lower federal courts may also be complicit.

If you have ignored it, ridiculed it, not called your representative or simply don't care about it - then YOU are complicit as well. We The People will only be We The People as long as YOU care. Having spent almost 10 years in Florida law enforcement, investigating crime, forgery and fraud - what I see happening now is surreal. I cannot imagine, for instance, when I was a deputy sheriff, if a sitting judge in my county was accused of having obtained that office by deceit - that I would not investigate the possible crime.

And, if in fact I did investigate the alleged crime, I cannot imagine that my official, full scale, duly sworn, professionally conducted criminal investigation would be totally ignored by the media - especially if my investigation revealed that the county judge was indeed sitting in a place of judgment and power by absolute fraud. Can YOU imagine it? Only if you were in Alice's Wonderland where everything was really upside down.

What would you do if you were a citizen of the county in which I was an investigator and you knew the result of my investigation yet the media refused to tell the story and the courts refused to hear the case? What would you do if you had to appear before that illegal judge's court and he sentenced you or fined you or put you in jail?

Now, the nation has been presented with an hour and half, courtroom ready, criminal investigation portfolio - proving to any reasonable mind that the man in the White House is more than likely there only by fraud, forgery and criminal deceit. This investigation was conducted, not by a single man, but by a panel of three attorneys and three criminal investigators who, in turn, employed the services of a myriad of forensics experts. The revelation of the six-month investigation was that the birth certificate proffered by Obama as proof-positive of his eligibility to hold the office of President – is a forgery.

What has been the result of such an unthinkable revelation? The media has ignored it, castigated it, ridiculed it and marginalized it. The reaction has been so startling that even PRAVDA, the Soviet online Press is screaming "WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN MEDIA?" This may well be the biggest fraud and crime perpetrated upon the American people in our history. Watergate was small potatoes compared to this. Monica Lewinskywas simply a momentary dalliance and diversion. This is monumental. It is epic.

The man in the White House is not a mere county judge. He is the Commander in Chief of the world's number one superpower. He is the CEO of the world's number one economic engine. He is the signer of laws, treaties and the establisher of a myriad of offices of "Czars." He appoints judges for LIFE. He issues Executive Orders and negotiates with leaders of the world. He has his finger on the Red Button.

You would be outraged if my deputy sheriff investigation was ignored concerning your county judge. Where is your outrage now? I have said all I can say in this matter. I have been presenting the evidence for almost 3 years on national radio, through the world-reaching PPSIMMONS Youtube channel, writing newspaper articles and appealing to U.S. Representatives. If YOU The People do not rise up now - we are gone. I have done my part. I can look my grandchildren in the face in the years to come. How about you?

May God have mercy on America.

God bless America

Land that I love

Stand beside her

And guide her

With the light

Through the NIGHT

From above

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  1. This is what baffles me the most. How is it that the media isn't all over this. Have they been muzzled by fear of ??? It doesn't make sense. Think back to watergate or even steroids in baseball. The media won't stop till the get to bottom of it. We have been duped and I believe many know the truth but as President you could make anyone's life impossible if he chose too. Someone needs to be brave enough to get to the truth about him.