Zev Porat

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Powerful evidence Obama is the last "Antichrist"

Every generation has had an Antichrist "candidate". Some have speculated that this has been on purpose - a ploy from Satan himself - knowing the Bible's prophecies but unsure of the exact timing... or else to keep the church confused. Dr. David Reagan, conference speaker, author and prophecy expert, makes the case for this explanation in this audio interview with Carl Gallups on Freedom Friday.

Another interesting twist to all of this is that an individual exists today who seems to be fulfilling many, if not all, of the dynamics and personality traits of this Antichrist figure with the greatest weight placed on one aspect in particular - Jesus himself personally named this person... Barack Hussein Obama.

Watch the following videos for this amazing revelation and ask yourself... are we living in the prophesied "Time of the End?" 

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