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Saturday, June 1, 2013


"Sheriff Arpaio tried to 'clear' the President in this matter - but was unable to do so." 
- Mike Zullo

JUST IN (11 am ET) - Zullo reports in to Carl by phone:

The following is a brief clip JUST recorded from Mike Zullo's live presentation at the National Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Convention in Missouri.  

 INSIDE SCOOP! - Mike is getting ready to reveal some TOP SECRET info to the Sheriffs, Police officers and elected officials in attendance. He is getting ready to give them the ENTIRE criminal case!  

Zullo called Carl Gallups last night and told him that TONS of officials are coming on board this effort. It is our hope and understanding that they are going to push for a full congressional investigation. This is still breaking. We will keep you posted here at PPSIMMONS!

The below excerpt is from the PUBLIC meeting. The PRIVATE (for lawmen and elected officials only) meeting will be held later today (June 1). It will be a two hour session and Mike Zullo will reveal the entire criminal case they have amassed against the Obama White House in the fraudulent documents matter.


PLEASE - consider a donation to the CCP investigation work. All the work, investigation, and travel is done by donation only. No taxpayer money is being used in this endeavor. This truly is a WE THE PEOPLE grassroots movement. We are closer now than ever of having this matter before congress so some real action can take place. Much more work is to be done, much more travel and time will be involved. Please help if you can. Get others involved also. Thank you and God bless you.
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