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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are Democrats Ignorant?

by Rev. Joda Collins
Democrats (by enlarge) are not ignorant.  Ignorant people need "information."  Democrats (by enlarge) are evil. 
How do I know that Democrats are evil?  You cannot be a part of a group that murders children in the womb and then throws them in the trash, and promotes homosexuality, without being evil.  A person is what they stand for. 
You cannot overcome evil with information. The cure for a depraved soul is not information to combat ignorance, but heart-felt repentance.
Immoral people rejoice to use any position and power they have to promote sin everywhere they can and in everyone they can.
It is a waste of time trying to talk with a Democrat about political issues that have a moral component.  Because Democrats are immoral in character, their position on social issues will reflect immorality. Their political goal is not based on logic, the will of the majority, their oath of office or the good of the people. Because they are evil, their goal is to promote evil. 
Because they are immoral to the core, moral people, regarding moral issues, cannot successfully deal with them, have an intelligent conversation with them or expect a productive interaction with them.  Oil and water does not mix.  With lots of agitation it only appears to mix.  Soon after the agitation ends the non-compatible nature of oil and water becomes, once again, evident. Light and darkness cannot exist in the same place. Right and wrong will never agree.  Immorality and morality have completely different goals.  People who disagree with you on the fundamentals will never agree with you on the details. 
The best you can do when talking with a Democrat about political matters, social issues or morality is to stop doing that, put your finger in their face and call each one, "a degenerate, immoral person."  You have identified THE problem they KNOW they have but think you are too stupid to know it.  Then, walk away.  Ignore their rationale that, "morality is subjective and they are the ultimate judge of what is right and wrong in the universe."  That is an idiotic position and they know it even though they deny they know it.  So, just laugh at them when they spout that nonsense and give it no more of your attention.   
Anything more is a waste of your time and makes you look ignorant for trying to talk about moral responsibility or wise-decision making to a person whose only "real" goal is to promote evil.  The more you try to talk right and wrong or political responsibility with a degenerate, the more ignorant you look and the more they laugh at you.
Be smarter than a Democrat.  Democrats do not have a political agenda.  They have an immoral agenda.  Stop providing, "information," to Democrats about the natural result of their sin-soaked decisions.  They know. They just do not care. They are not stupid. They are not ignorant. They are evil.   "Mark them and avoid them."  Romans 16:17.  Invest your time and energy in things and people with potential for honor.
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
This author makes no claim that the opinions expressed here are shared by anyone else.

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  1. When George W. Bush was running for his first successful run for the presidency. I read the Democrat platform. It could have been written by Satan. Some Democrats haven't read or thought much since before the 1960's. They need waked up.