Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Does Obama's Muslim faith prevent him from flying with First dog Bo?

On Sunday, the Obama's dog,Bo, was flown to Martha's Vineyard in a U.S. Marine MV-22 Osprey, taking a separate flight from the rest of the First Family.
The Obama's have begun, yet another lavish vacation, at the expense of the American taxpayers.
Though the outrage over the Obama's extravagant lifestyle during such stark economic times may reach a fever pitch at the news of the 'First Dog' being given his own flight, it is not the first time this has happened.
In July 2010, Maine's Morning Sentinel reported:
Arriving in a small jet before the Obamas was the first dog, Bo, a Portuguese water dog given as a present by the late U.S. Sen Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and the president's personal aide Reggie Love, who chatted with Baldacci.
You see, a big part of Obama's success is the incredibly short memory of the American people.
While most will see these separate flights as yet another example of the disdain the Obamas have for the taxpayer, there may well be a more practical reason why Bo flies on his own.
Islam teaches that dogs are "unclean beasts" and Muslims are forbidden from traveling with them.


  1. He is the unclean BEAST!

  2. Obama and the liberal uprising is Gods judgement against a nation who has collectively turned its back to Him.