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Friday, August 23, 2013

Indonesian Muslims Threaten Riots and Killings of Christian Evangelists because of HEALINGS!

Official email release from Peter Youngren...

Moslem extremists have demanded that the government cancel Peter Youngren's Gospel Festival in Makassar, Indonesia, or they will respond with riots and killings. Makassar is the largest city is southern Sulawesi, and home the 2.6 million strong Makassar people with less than 500 Gospel believers. One team member was told in front of a large group of Muslim leaders, "We know where you are and we will kill you", while the crowd chanted "Hear that, hear that" and "Allah Akbar". This was followed by thugs going on a rampage through the city tearing down more than 1,200 billboards advertising the Festival.
The Gospel event is scheduled for the largest open field in the center of the city, something never before done. The concern expressed by the extremist is that healings at the Gospel Festival will cause Muslims to become Christians. Festival co-ordinator, Johan Olehall, commented, "These Muslim leaders don't question that miracles will happen, but simply say that when they happen 'weak Muslims' will become believers in Jesus". Websites by extreme Muslim groups have previously written about Youngren's Gospel Festivals warning against the effects of miracles done in the name of Jesus.
This time the extremists also expressed concern that the words "Jesus is Lord", that are usually very prominent in the nightly salvation prayer. Olehall continues, "It is amazing how they have studied the details of what we do".
One of the positives is that the whole city is talking about the Gospel, as newspapers are featuring daily developments. A press conference was filled with Muslim journalists from all media that questioned Peter Youngren for over one hour about the Gospel and the recent turmoil.
The outcome is uncertain as the governor and provincial police are ready to provide security, while the Makassar mayor and local police have sided with the demands of the extremists, citing security concerns. Youngren comments, "We ask people to pray. No one knows how this will turn out, but I have faced similar situations before where God has miraculously turned things around. The apostle Paul enjoyed great spiritual victories, while at another time he had to escape over the wall in a basket. We know that sometimes opposition is a part of Gospel work".
The day-time Gospel Seminar for 1,800 delegates from all over the province of southern Sulawesi has not been affected. This is Youngren's 26th Gospel Festival in Indonesia.

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