Zev Porat

Friday, August 23, 2013

New billboard urges firing of foul-mouthed police Chief Mark Kessler!


GILBERTON — A gun-control group has erected a billboard calling on the small northeastern Pennsylvania borough of Gilberton to fire its police chief, who's been suspended for allegedly using department weapons and ammunition without permission.
Chief Mark Kessler has also posted videos online showing him firing guns, using profanity and mocking liberals.
The Washington-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence says Kessler is a menace who must be removed. It put up the billboard to urge Gilberton's borough council to fire him.
Kessler calls the billboard "comical" and says he's not going to stop exercising his First and Second Amendment rights.
Kessler has been suspended without pay for 30 days but the chief says he believes the borough council intends to fire him.

Kessler has attacked Mike Zullo and Carl Gallups' attempts to bring to light the fraudulent usurpation of the White House by Barack Hussein Obama.

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