Zev Porat

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ted Cruz may be just what is needed to get OBAMA'S eligibility back on the burner!

Media suddenly go 'birther' on GOP star
They went bonkers over "birthers" who questioned Barack Obama's eligibility for office.

But now the mainstream media can't stop talking about this REPUBLICAN star's roots.

Is it because he's a REAL conservative who's rocketing to the top?
Read the latest now on WND.com.

With all of this hoopla over Cruz's eligibility perhaps the media will take the issue of Obama's birth narrative a little more seriously. We can only hope. 


  1. Cruz is no more eligible than obama. Natural Born Citizen: Both parents US Citizens at time of birth.
    If Cruz stick with this carp then he is no better than the rest of the criminals abusing the Constitution.

  2. Satan is going down and this will be part of it. Thanks PP Simmons