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Friday, September 13, 2013

America - Held Hostage

"A…teacher and a…journalist…have blown the whistle…that Obama-backed Syrian rebels were behind the August 21 chemical weapons atrocity" that Obama openly attributed to the Assad government.
The primary "evidence" submitted for the Assad use of serin gas against the Syrian terrorists appears to have come from "Human Rights Watch."  Human Rights Watch is an organization whose largest financial contributor is George Soros (a pro-Obama, political leftist). 
It is old news that America is supporting what the Obama administration calls "Muslim moderates" in their civil war against Assad.   "Muslim moderates" are the ones killing Christians in Syria and/or standing side by side applauding the Muslims who enjoy doing so.  This is one reason why the decapitation of Christian adults AND CHILDREN are not mentioned by Obama.
Obama emphasizes (agrees) with Muslim-terrorists. That is undeniable to anyone that has kept informed of Obama's action in the Middle East or listened to him praise Islam and the murderous-Koran.
The long-running argument about whether Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States has become an argument between those that say "he was not born in the US" and those that say "it does not matter."  Now, everyone can see that it does matter. We have a president that does not love America. His entire presidential platform was that he wanted to fundamentally change America.  If you love something you do not want to "fundamentally change" it. 
Now Obama announces that he will declare war on any country he wants to because the American people and their representatives (Congress) are "sidelined" in the war-making decision process.  
Obama has done many times the things necessary to be impeached.  Isn't a declaration by the president that Americans and the Congress no longer have rights to determine who we go to war with enough to impeach this maniac?  A public declaration by the President of the United States that he does not have to obey the Constitution of the United States IS enough to rid us of his leadership?  Think!!!  Do not let the shock of his arrogant anti-American statement paralyze you. Act!
There is not that much difference between the guy that drives the get-away car and the bank robber.  Each plays a part in the robbery.  The robber cannot succeed without the accomplice driving the get-away car.  There is not that much difference between an Islamic-terrorist and an Islamic-terrorist supporter.  One does the terrorizing and the other provides encouragement, tells lies that promote terrorists goals, uses their power or position to foster the goals of the terrorist and/or supplies weapons of war.
There are only three reasons why every member of Congress and the Senate would not vote to impeach Obama.
  1. They are Islamic-terrorist supporters.
  2. They are afraid of Obama.
  3. They are afraid that those who support Islamic-terrorists and Obama will vote them out of office.

In the first instance, they should be removed from office. If the second instance is true, they should run from Washington DC on their own accord rather than remain hostage to Obama.  If the third possibility is true, then Congress and the Senate are being held hostage by Islamic-terrorists sympathizers in our own Country.

What kind of people are Islamic-terrorists?
The America we knew before Obama is gone. If we keep him in office, he will do all he can to further "change" America. What will it be like?  Look at the direction we are going. It can only end up a nation of Islam if we do not alter the direction. Is that the kind of Country you want? How do we re-change the direction for America? Impeach Obama.
joda collins
Rev. Joda Collins
Disclaimer:  I make no claim that my opinions are shared by anyone else.

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